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In the previous article, Bandung’s Leisure Place For Your Instagram Moment (1) we mentioned some of recreational places that are great for your instagram post. Now are going to share the last part of our picks for your reference where to go next time you visit Bandung and nearby area.

stone garden

Stone Garden – Padalarang
If you live in Southeast Asia and Stonehenge sounds far, opt for stone garden at Ciatatah, Padalarang, West Bandung for cheaper and closer holiday. A beautiful rock hills on plateau with man big stones naturally scattered in beautiful layout. On the way to the stone garden you will pass Pawon Cave, ancient cave that hid archaic human fossils. The cave is one of the remaining west wall of Bandung Purba lake. As this place located at a plateau then prepare yourself do to a bit of hike that will totally be worth it for your instagram account.

situ cisanti

Situ Cisanti
Also known as Cisanti Lake, is the headwater of Citarum River sited at Kampung Pejaten, Tarumajaya village, district of Kertasari, Bandung County. To reach the place you can choose two ways via Pengalengan or via Majalaya. If you think you need a more active and challenging activity you could also camp here.

Jalan Asia Afrika

Asia Afrika Street
Bet everybody who’s been to Bandung will suggest you to come to Asia Afrika st. if you mention you need place for photo taking. Dozens of spot to choose from city square, the Grand Mosque, Colonial style buildings. The government realized that this place alone attract so many people so this place is quite well-taken care of. Both day and night offer different vibe with the main attraction is Gedung Merdeka, the site of Asia Africa Conference in 1955.

Taman Hutan Raya

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. Djuanda
It’s quite easy to find the site at Dago Pakar as road sign are many along the way. Or look it up on your smart phone if you hesitate. If you think the place is only a forest conservation area, think again. There you see Jepang Cave, Belanda Cave, Curug Omas, deer breeding, museum, etc. One relaxing and kids friendly area and only cost less than Rp.10.000 a person to enter.

Farm House
The hottest spot yet especially in instagram. An ecotourism in Lembang that is set to look like an oversees farm completed with European vibe of building. Cost of Rp. 20.000 to enter you will also get a glass of free fresh milk.

There they are, some of our holiday pick around Bandung for your instagram account. Please remember, the place is beautiful because everyone is involve in keeping them beautiful. Including you the visitors. Keep the site clean, do not litter and destroy the place and plants in there. You are not entitle to do so although you pay to enter. Happy holiday.

Article by : Yolanda Krisna Putra
Editor : Cherry Lenggogeni


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