Next weekend you should revisit the flower city. A strong reason to support that sentence because next weekend in Bandung will be held a great event. Still to enliven celebration 200 years of Bandung. This time, a music festival that has international scope. It would be a loss if you missed that, because this event will feature musicians from Indonesia and International. This event called Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010.

Bandung World Jazz Festival is an annual event of Jendela IDE and this is the second year. Jendela IDE is a cultural institution based in Bandung, West Java. Jendela IDE has been established since 1995 by Andar Manik and Marintan Sirait. Jendela IDE has a mission to grow the attention of youth and teenagers to Indonesian culture. By using workshops, performances, training, cultural education and many other ways. (Next time we will give another information about Jendela IDE). Bandung World Jazz Festival is one way of Jendela IDE to realize that.

After successfully presenting the first Bandung World Jazz in 2009, now Jendela IDE will present a interesting event. When Bandung World Jazz Festival 2009 they use the theme “A voice of the New World” which location in Sabuga Bandung. In year 2010 still of Sabuga Bandung, Jendela IDE will bee presenting the event to all of us. This year the theme of “Sound through the Dimension“. The event will be performing 50 groups with diverse musical-jazz tradition and collaborative projects of mutual dialogs showing: sensation – alteration – opinion – interpretation – expression.

So come to Bandung and enjoy a great event : Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010.




Balawan, Tohpati & Etnomission, Syaharani, Gilang Ramadhan, Karinding Collaborative Project, Sujiwo Tejo & Imel Rosalin, Rama Satria, Barry Likumahuwa, Euis Komariah, Prabumi, saratuspersen, Koko Harsoe, Sony Akbar & Karinding Attack, David Manuhutu, Slamet Gundono, Jilly Likumahuwa with her Banda Bra-Ma, Agung Prasetyo & Farah Di, Donny Suhendra, Indonesian Nu Progressive powered by RMHR, Baraya, LB Bigband UPI, Akordeon, Iman Brata, Castavaria, Indonesian Bass Community, De Lagaligo Syndicate, La Gandie, Gang Sadewa, Pesisir Ansemble, etc.


Maurinio Taufic Duo (Brazil – Italy), Yuri Honing Quartet (Netherlands), OrkeStar Trio with Ramu Thiruyanam (Singapore), Continental Jazz Crossover Project with Deva Gatot Permana (ID-AUS) – Riza Arshad (ID) – Moses O’Jah (Ghana-AUS) – Zinner (ID) – Dauno Martinez (Chili-AUS), Joan & the Jesseltone (Malaysia), Sarasvati (New Zealand-Indonesia), American Jazz History Exhibition, etc.


Hanoman, JazzyOne, Fifteen Plus, Modjembe, Indonesian Youth Regeneration, Bandung World Jazz Youth, etc.

Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 :

Location : Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA)

Jl. Tamansari no. 73 Bandung

Date : 6 -7 november 2010

Time : 10.00 am – end


IDR 500.000,- donation ticket / person for whole concerts

available : Jendela Ide at Sabuga, Jl Tamansari 73 Bandung


BRI Bandung Dago 0405 – 01 – 002246 – 50 – 3


online RSVP for donation tickets,

please mail them at :

for 1 day :

IDR 50.000,- students

IDR 75.000,- adults

for 2 days :

IDR 75.000,- : students

IDR 100.000,- :  adults

available :  Jendela Ide at Sabuga, Jl Tamansari 73 Bandung


BCA KCP Riau, 0860372355 up EVA NATHALIE

online RSVP for regular tickets,

please mail at :

CONTACT PERSON : Grace +62 818 0969 0122

Next, please wait our information about artist this event.  Stay cool with and Flower City.