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Jatinangor Jazz Event 2

In Bandung, we have a community of jazz that always moves to promote jazz. Klab Jazz are their names, Klab Jazz makes some event to promote jazz. Sunday jazz, an regular event of the week always organize routine twice a month. There are still many other events as well as support Klab Jazz. Example, they also support the Jatinangor Jazz Event 2 from Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University. Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University is one of the oldest psychology ...
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TULUS : An Introduction 2011

'The big singer man' that's the predicate that we remember first to knew Muhammad Tulus. The first time we knew him in routine event Jazz Community in Bandung (Klab Jazz), Sunday Jazz. When that he often perform with Grace Sahertian and Friends. He also had a jazz group called Sikuai, we could report on Jazzylicious 2010. So since we know Tulus, we believe he have a talent singer and has a honest voice. After so long in the environment of ...
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Sunday Jazz June Edition

This is great thing from a city called Bandung. Although not a big city, but Bandung will not lose it potentiality for granted. We have proved the truth of all that, so many events ahead of the 200th anniversary of Bandung, we are even difficult to choose a best event presented to you. But for this occasion we chose Sunday Jazz give to you guys. This is the third edition of the Sunday Jazz and the second edition we follow. This ...
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Sekapur Sirih : Came Back to Bandung

Betel (Sirih) is a kind of edible plant leaves. Usually betel eaten with lime, and it was very spicy. It all used to respect people who came, like a guest in an event or other important matters. Preface also commonly regarded as the opener and was considered as a discourse before the next activity. ho ho ho do not be afraid. This time we will not talk preface (Sekapur Sirih) as objects that are usually eaten, but the preface as ...
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Sunday Jazz May Edition

Sunday Jazz is the result of collaboration between Klabjazz a jazz community in Bandung with Potluck Coffebar and Library. Actually Sunday Jazz from Klabjazz was performed twice in each month. So for Sunday Jazz performed on the day of the week in the first week of each month is called  Sunday Jazz Potluck Coffebar and Library. This is the second edition of  Sunday Jazz potluck Coffebar and library, after the last month presents performance Bayu and Tesla Bandung potencials teenagers. ...
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Sunday Jazz at Potluck Coffe Bar and Library – May Edition

Have you ever felt sitting relaxing in one evening while enjoying the holidays, with family and friends and accompanied by delicious food and beverage, as well as the books while listening to great Jazz music? Moreover, if such a sphere can be found in the city that was so cool and comfortable in the afternoon, then the pleasure you get will be so beautiful. Yes, Bandung is the city that could serve an atmosphere like that, especially if you ...
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