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Nero Helia – 2nd Pre-Event F2WL 2016 SMA N 2 Bandung

Hello! If we had to talk about Bandung, it won’t be enough if we didn’t talk about the music and the art from the city. And it also still not enough if we didn’t touch about the art festival in Bandung. This kind of fest are the biggest reason of why music in Bandung are develop well. One of the best organizer are the Bandung’s senior high school. This is what we called the spirit of young energy. They always surprise ...
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From 2 With Love 2016 : 2nd Pre-Event

Rage of fire and serenity of water: the contradicting elements. Two elements that's always be needed to create stability & harmony. Witness the united of the fire and the waters. Be the witness of the harmony. We're ready to bring you the greatest 2nd Pre-Event of From 2 With Love 2016: NEROHELIA October 24th 2015 SMAN 2 Bandung Jl. Cihampelas 173 Be the witness of the harmony: - SORE - Taring - Rocket Steady - The Fox The Thieves - Littlelute - Luminuos Hunter. and many more! Don't miss it, and let's grab the ticket faster! For more ...
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The Changcuters Closed Charets Open 2014

This year Charets Open was held from 17th to 24th of May 2014. An annual sport and art competition for SMP/SMA students in West Java since 2011. On 24th of May 2014, Charets Open 2014 ended and officially closed by the Principle of SMA 2 Bandung. The Changcuters also perform in the closing ceremony. “Nine years ago we performed here as an audition. Now we got invited to perform here. SMAN 2 Bandung is a historical prove of our career as ...
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Report Captwore – F2WL SMAN 2 Bandung 2014

Here they goes again. From 2 with Love 2014 are strike again with their extraordinary movement. Captwore is the name they took for this year f2wl. Some big name were served here such as Afgan, RAN, the sigit, Efek Rumah Kaca-Pandai Besi, and Payung Teduh. They start the event at 10 am. As usual this event are consist of bazaar and art performance. The bazaar was located in the front yard of sasana budaya ganesha (sabuga) arena. The art performance ...
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CAPTWORE – F2WL 2014 SMAN 2 Bandung

From Two With Love or F2WL isn’t a strange name for Bandung teenagers ears. F2WL is a bazaar or yearly Art Event which being organized by Student of 2 Senior High School Bandung. F2WL is one of the biggest High School event since 1993. They even called it ‘Super Mega Bazaar’ because what they served and how people react to this event was always grandioso. Now is the time for team of f2wl14 who will continue the legend. F2WL 14 came ...
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Report Pre Event F2WL 2014 SMAN 2 Bandung

Another big event passed by. As one of the biggest event in Bandung, F2WL (From 2 With Love) was always gave us a lot of surprise in their appearance. The event which being organized by student association of 2 Senior High School Bandung (SMAN 2 Bandung) was always started with a couple of pre event, and the main event for the closing stage. Last saturday at October 12th 2013, they successfully held the pre event of F2WL 14. As usual, ...
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Report Charets Open SMAN 2 Bandung 2013

All hail the teenagers! The movement from them was made a lot of progresssive development to the world. Young didn’t mean that they cant do anything. History told us different, many of super people who success now is because of their great achievement and movement when they was a teenagers . Today i will told you one of the biggest teenagers competition in Bandung, it came from SMAN 2 Bandung called charets open. Charets open is an annual event from SMAN ...
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