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Review Ticket 2 Ride – Pre Event F2WL 2013

Welcome to 'Ticket 2 Ride', the pre event of f2wl 2013 (from 2 with love). As you know it, the f2wl is the combination of bazaar and art performance who organized by students of sman 2 Bandung. This pre event also being held to remember the moment of Indonesia 'sumpah pemuda'. The aim is to flame our teenager spirit of nationalism, and it do have a red wire connection with this year event theme, ' TOURISM'. And the tourism stuff ...
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Ticket 2 Ride – Pre Event F2WL 2013 Sman 2 Bandung

Were not talking about some entry pass for an event,concert, or festival. Here we're talking about a pre-event from one of the biggest event in Bandung. The yearly event who being held by students of 2 senior high school Bandung. The event that we usually called from 2 with love (F2WL). Since 1993, every years the student of Sman 2 Bandung were always keep the f2wl flame. Seeing the history, you will believe that there's a lot of musician who ...
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The Report of PreZoiz – Pre Event F2WL 2012

F2WL will back soon A good news that we wanted share to you after we attended PreZoiz at SMA N 2 Bandung Jl. Cihampelas no. 73 Bandung on 22 October 2011. ZOIZ is the conversion of 2012 which means PreZoiz existed before 2012. We say it's a good news because we are convinced F2WL in 2011 would not be much different from the previous F2WL. Let's we tell to you a little more about F2WL and operate last year, which is named ...
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PreZoiz – Pre Event From 2 With Love 2012

From 2 With Love or better known as F2WL is an annual event from the students Sma N 2 Bandung. This event was first concept by Dewi Lestari and Candil (Ex. Seurius Band) in 1993. F2WL continue be held every year and now has become one of the biggest event in Bandung. Last year F2WL has successfully F2WL named Twice Upon A Time, if you missed it please read the review here http://bandungsearch.com/event/f2wl-2011-twice-upon-a-time-the-report/. Now they will come back and have begun ...
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Bandung Clothing Expo 2011

Time quick go, unnoticed was a year we present to you, a year in a different matter of course. Lots of praise and support, but also many criticisms and suggestions we received to make we always want to improve. Thank you for all. Talk about a year our presence, that we re-mark because became of a great event title Bandung Clothing Expo, this event is the first our report. So we assume a year ...
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