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Seni Kreasi Yahya (SKY) is ready to beat us again with a nostalgic sensation! Now their event is named ETWIST Turn Back Time. This event will show us something entertaining from the 80's until now. With the performance from Two Triple O and Juicy Luicy, this event will be more perfect. So what are you waiting for? Mark your calender now! Come and let's turn back the time at ETWIST on 26 October 2013 at SMAK YAHYA Jalan LLRE Martadinata ...
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Report Five Live Surawisesa SMAN 5 Bandung 2013

Almost all of senior high school in Bandung has one annual event for appreciate the music, or what we usually called some gigs/music event. The big event from them is some real proof for their existence in Bandung. This 'existence' thing is maybe one of the reason for how creative industry developt very easily in this city. We think that Five Live is one of them. It’s the annual event from SMAN 5 Bandung who always served us a quality ...
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Here we are young generation who cares about Indonesian culture hold an activity that is named ARTHURATION (Art, Rhytm, Culture in Collaboration) aims to introduce local cultures in Indonesia to put it through the creation of nation-creation that is served with a wide variety of display art and creativity to the community, especially the young generation could keep maintain the original culture of Indonesia. In the event ARTHURATION will be also the appearance of contemporary art in the form of contemporary ...
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Ticket 2 Ride – Pre Event F2WL 2013 Sman 2 Bandung

Were not talking about some entry pass for an event,concert, or festival. Here we're talking about a pre-event from one of the biggest event in Bandung. The yearly event who being held by students of 2 senior high school Bandung. The event that we usually called from 2 with love (F2WL). Since 1993, every years the student of Sman 2 Bandung were always keep the f2wl flame. Seeing the history, you will believe that there's a lot of musician who ...
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From 2 With Love 2012 – ZOIZ

SMAN 2 Bandung Prudly Present From 2 With Love 2012 - ZOIZ 'Our Season' Featuring : MALIQ & THE ESSENTIALS NAIF THE SIGIT ROCKET ROCKERS WHITE SHOES & THE COUPLES COMPANY ROSEMARY BILLFOLD ROCKETSTEADY SERATUS PERSEN RED AWAY The Black and Dangerous Vicky Vette Deugalih and Folks More Date : Saturday, Februari 11, 2012 Time : 09.00 - End Location : SABUGA Jl. Taman Sari no. 273 Bandung Contact Person : Widya Amira 0856 5960 7860 Andi Nurul 0856 9221 4102 For More Info : Follow @F2WL12
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The Report of PreZoiz – Pre Event F2WL 2012

F2WL will back soon A good news that we wanted share to you after we attended PreZoiz at SMA N 2 Bandung Jl. Cihampelas no. 73 Bandung on 22 October 2011. ZOIZ is the conversion of 2012 which means PreZoiz existed before 2012. We say it's a good news because we are convinced F2WL in 2011 would not be much different from the previous F2WL. Let's we tell to you a little more about F2WL and operate last year, which is named ...
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PreZoiz – Pre Event From 2 With Love 2012

From 2 With Love or better known as F2WL is an annual event from the students Sma N 2 Bandung. This event was first concept by Dewi Lestari and Candil (Ex. Seurius Band) in 1993. F2WL continue be held every year and now has become one of the biggest event in Bandung. Last year F2WL has successfully F2WL named Twice Upon A Time, if you missed it please read the review here http://bandungsearch.com/event/f2wl-2011-twice-upon-a-time-the-report/. Now they will come back and have begun ...
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Angklung Orchestra In Concert IX : The Musicals

One of Indonesia's culture has been recognized by Unesco as Indonesia's culture is Angklung. Although had been a problem with side country some time ago, but we don't want to lose our valuable asset. Angklung origin from Sundanese and Bandung. Angklung is one of the pride instrument musical of Sundanese and Bandung society. Many technique have been Sundanese society doing to preserve their instrument musical. One of the technique with form groups Angklung in the community and school. Keluarga Paduan Angklung ...
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Pre Event Kampoeng Jazz 2011 : Band Auditions

Many Indonesian people who thinking that jazz is music old man, expensive music and only for the rich. But in recent years Indonesian jazz has grown music and has been enjoyed by many people in Indonesia. Likewise with Bandung, Jazz growing even among the young. In Bandung jazz music was not confined to older people, but youth and teenagers world. Many jazz event has been held in Bandung, we often tell it to you. Big events such as ...
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F2WL 2011 TWICE UPON A TIME : The Report

. Do you ever imagine to stay or just visit a city that not too big with the cool air, the friendly peoples and surrounding by green mountains? Imagine. When you arrived, you will be presented with interesting views plus a great welcome of the society, like feel a rural atmosphere but this is a city. Yes, that's our city, Bandung. In addition to the cool air, the friendly peoples and surrounded by green mountains that Bandung is also famous with ...
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Hoolahoop is a game of play a circle by using the waist. Hoolahoop looped into waist, and then played using wobble. This will make a rhythmic oscillation and in accordance with the movement circle. Calm, this time we will not tells about how to play Hoolahoop, but we will tell about a band with an Independent system or common known indie bands. The word of 'indie' is came from the word 'independent' which has the meaning is freedom and independence. For ...
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“Pray For Indonesia” : Psychology of UPI

Indonesia has abundant natural wealth. Indonesian nature, supported by a strategic position between two continents - Asia and Australia - as well as between the two oceans - Indian and Pacific oceans - making Indonesia became the nation's most strategic. But besides the natural beauty and exceptional circumstances, the hidden dangers that threaten. Location of Indonesia located on top of two large tectonic plates that make Indonesia and the region became the largest earthquake laboratium in the world. In ...
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Sound Fourteenagers Festival

Teenagers of Bandung show their creativity again, creativity in the Flower City really was never ending. You know, Bandung is a headmost the Clothing industry in Indonesia. Don't ever ask how much of clothing and Distribution store in Bandung, because they are very much. In addition headmost clothing, Bandung also has many band with a proven record, be it indie band or band which has a label. All the creativity that comes from Bandung city youth. Very nice, ...
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