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Mr.pale Bag Spring/Summer 2014

In this summer of 2014, we're launching two newest series which called hipolit & theron. Hipolit is a waist bag and theron is a backpack, both of these products have 2 different colors. These products are designed to help you to carry your needs or items everyday for your rutinity. Its also fit for your activities like studying at campus, biking and traveling. Hipolit There are two colors for this product as beauty as the wood and water (brown and navy). For ...
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NOBRANDEDON Supply Launches Special Treasure Mini Collection

Nobrandedon, a denim Provider from Bandung, Indonesia are back in action with their new Article called ‘Special Treasure Stuff’. The new article they had here are still in a premium grade. Yes! they served us a finest Indonesian denim as a basic material. A new detail from this article are how inside the Yoke, Pocket and backpocket lining they got in treasure. The lining are based on Manual Initial-Soaked Microperfume-Added Grey Indigo Chambray. It is means that all of submersion for ...
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Grizzly Shoes

Grizzly shoes is a shoes company from bandung, indonesia. We specialized in slip-on canvas shoes, we already released three editions since august 2011. Further we want to release new type and shoes model. These shoes is build with concern to simplicity, art, perfection, combine with passion and love. We make this shoes especially aimed to Indonesian people. Because Grizzly shoes is believe of this nation which can have some chance to rule the world, like our first president, like they who ...
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Everyday’s Saturday Cloth

Started in 2012, when we want to create a t-shirt brand that has a different visuals and vision among others, especially for a lot of fun on Saturday. Begins with an overwhelming desire, hard work without boundaries, and finally created a creative, conceptual, brand product called “Everyday's Saturday”. “Everyday's Saturday” here to lead you in a new direction. Sense, design, issue, and social, these four elements increasingly will guide our lives to be more fun than before. Much vision but same mission, ...
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Cavera is a local brand from Bandung , for our first collection we have 5 knitwear. All of our product made by 100% cotton materials. Our materials very compatible used in various weather, soft, not easy to furry, and comfortable when wear it. In 'cioccolato' we use 4 latch from wood. All of our product name comes from Indian name because knitwear inherent with Indian. Size chart S : 73 x 45 M : 74 x 49 L : 77 x 52 For further information ...
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Mr. Pale – Bags “Crown Series”

Mr. Pale is a local brand that specialized of making a rucksacks or bags. For this time, we’re launching a new series that we called “Crown Series”. Crown Series that Mr. Pale choose to made this time, is bringing the modern classic concept, which made this series more exclusive than any other rucksack in the market. Why this series named “Crown Series”?, because the theme so, Mr. Pale want to give a luxury in this product that usually enjoyed by The ...
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