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Blazture – Statistics Day 2013

Statistics Day 2013 Blazture - “Seize Back Our Culture” Featuring : Ipang Gugun Blues Shelter Ten2Five Komunitas Pecinta Angklung SMA Negri 3 Bandung Turn off silent tone of philosophy Mojito Many More Date : Saturday, October 26th 2013 Location : Lapangan Parkir PPBS Unpad Jatinangor HTM : PS : IDR 40.000,- OTS : IDR 50.000,- More info : @statday
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Report Unpad Choir Concert – Beyond Harmony

Who said that you cant even fully control a song when you were young? Start from yesterday, we deny all kind of that statement. Welcome to the zone of young people. Last monday, April 29th 2013, Padjajaran University Choir (unpad choir) was organize an intern concert that has theme 'Beyond Harmony'. Being held at Graha Sanusi of Padjajaran University, this concert successfully cheer our Monday night. Its like we've been raid by the spirit of young people. And this spirit, ...
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UNPAD Choir – 8th Intern Concert “Beyond Harmony”

UNPAD Choir or better known as PSM Unpad (Choir Unpad) will held a concert, again. Although only internal concert but we really appreciate it. PSM Unpad routine held an event, whether it's a concerts or more. This is the 8th to their internal concert, called the Beyond Harmony. This concert will be held at Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Unpad Jl. Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung on April 26th, 2013. In concert this psm unpad will present 4 conductors : Nugraha Tri, ...
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Angklung Orchestra In Concert IX : The Musicals

One of Indonesia's culture has been recognized by Unesco as Indonesia's culture is Angklung. Although had been a problem with side country some time ago, but we don't want to lose our valuable asset. Angklung origin from Sundanese and Bandung. Angklung is one of the pride instrument musical of Sundanese and Bandung society. Many technique have been Sundanese society doing to preserve their instrument musical. One of the technique with form groups Angklung in the community and school. Keluarga Paduan Angklung ...
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Expand the Sound of Angklung – Djiwa Margono

Djiwa Margono MD. is a doctor, but we will not discuss about the performance as a doctor. But this view Djiwa as a conductor and head of technical development at Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMAN 3 (KPA3) Bandung. Djiwa Margono was born in Bandung 5 November 1984 from father Samsoel Maarif and mother Tati Susilawati Eno. Djiwa Margono commonly called Jiwo by his friends, complete primary school in elementary BPI and junior high school in SMP N 5 Bandung. After entering ...
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Expand the Sound of Angklung 2010 – Preliminary Concert

Music has become an important part of human life. Since humans find a tool that can make sounds, the music has to express a variety of human emotion. Passing through a long span of time, music used to express the emotions of love, hate, anger, sadness, hope, dreams, happiness written in verses and stairs with a beautiful tone that united in a harmonious composition. As one of the traditional arts of the Indonesian nation that has harmony and symphony music is ...
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Expand The Sound of Angklung

Music as a tool that can unite people from various groups had been spreading a positive impact on human life. Over time, music has become a culture that no results are priceless. One result of the work that brought the musical culture of Indonesia as a base, angklung West Java has proven it. Presented by Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMAN 3 Bandung, angklung has been wading space and time to be introduced to the world as the works of world culture. In the ...
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