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IM3 Java Rockin’ Land 2013 : Interview with Kensington

We met them again for the second time after the show at Java Rockin’Land 2013 on Saturday, June 22. We did a bit all get together and had a talk more. We are so curious about what Kensington means to them. With high confidence Niles answered “Kensington means the greatest band on earth”. We all laughed and even though that statement is completely true. Some bands tend to be the inspiration for their music. “I really love Fouls from England ...
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Report IM3 Java Rockin’ Land 2013 : Day One

First day of IM3 Java Rockin’Land 2013 on last Saturday, June 22 was really reaching a huge success organized by Java Festival Production. Java Rockin’Land 2013 was being held altogether with DKI Jakarta 486th anniversary. The gate opened exactly at 3 p.m and people allowed to enter to the venue, but the visitor wasn’t too crowded as they opened the gate. Yes, it was still too early to enjoy rock music festival. Inside Carnaval Beach Ancol, Jakarta, all seven stages ...
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IM3 Java Rockin’ Land 2013 : Press Conference Kensington

Kensington is an indie rock band from Utrecht, Netherlands that has reached more than seven thousands followers on twitter ( @kensingtonband ). Kensington was formed in 2005 with current band members are Eloi Youssef as main vocalist / guitarist, Casper Starreveld as vocalist / guitarist, Jan Haker as bassist player and Niles Vandenberg as drummer. They have released their first album Borders in 2010 and follows up Vultures came out in 2012. In 2011, they visited Indonesia for the first ...
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Quiz : Win Free Ticket IM3 JAVA ROCKING LAND 2013

Java Rockin'Land 2013 is going to be held again this year on June 22-23 2013 at Carnaval Beach Ancol, Jakarta. Are you excited? Due to IM3 Java Rockin'Land 2013, we would like to give you 2 FREE TICKETS for the luckiest persons. All you have to do is only join our JRL2013 TICKET GIVEAWAY with these followings Rules. The Rules: Follow our official twitter account @bandungsearch TWO FREE TICKETS FOR 2 DAY PASS, for TWO WINNERS. 1 TICKET FOR 2 DAY PASS, ONLY for 1 WINNER. We ...
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A Press Release : Java Rockin’land Festival 2013

Java Rockin’land is Back The biggest rock festival in Indonesia, with the concept of combining dozens of Indonesian and international musicians, is back to satisfy the thirst of Indonesian music lovers. Java Rockin’land, which will be held 2 days this year, is organized by Java Festival Production and is scheduled to be held on the 22nd – 23rd of June 2013 at Pantai Carnaval Ancol, Jakarta. The melting pod of Rock Stars will be shown on 6 stages with more than ...
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