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Report ‘Konser Diorama’ Tulus 2013

He started everything from stage to stage in Bandung. Have learned a lot from Bandung jazz community, KlabJazz. We scout him well, we saw how he develop in music. He is an ex member of sikuai group. In the old time, he was also joined some other project such as a project with Grace Sahertian, and lot of other jazz musician in Bandung. He built his music soul with variety of KlabJazz event. He is also well known as duet ...
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Review Jatinangor Jazz Event 3

Student of Padjajaran University were always give us surprise with their masterpiece. Who didn't know about Kampoeng Jazz? one of the best jazz event in Bandung. That event is organized by Law Faculty of Padjajaran University. And now we will talk about a newcomer in jazz event. Started from 2008, this event is called Jatinangor Jazz Event (JJE). Being held three times (2008,2011,2012), last year JJE has bring us some great jazz artist such as Maliq n D'essential and Tulus. ...
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Jatinangor Jazz Event 3

Faculty of psychology Padjajaran University proudly presents Jatinangor Jazz Event 3. Jatinangor Jazz Event (JJE) is their annual event, and it's the third years of the event. This year, JJE take theme ORJAZZM, will be held November 23, 2012 at Lap. PPBS Unpad Jatinangor. Jatinangor Jazz Event will feature several musicians from some genres, jazz, folk, groovy, and others. Musicians will perform as The Groove, Andezzz, Soulvibe, Payung Teduh, David Manuhutu Project, Grace Sahertian, Halfwhole Project and some winner of ...
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Jakjazz is back! That's a good news. DJARUM SUPER MILD JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL, better known by JakJazz Festival will be back 19, 20, 21 October 2012 located at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. As one of the most successful Jazz festival in Indonesia, JakJazz has been awaited by many fans of Jazz in Indonesia. For 2012 JakJazz collaborate with a well known brand Indonesia, Djarum Super Mild to organize this festival. Before the main event, they was held Road To JakJazz Festival 2012 ...
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Espose 2012

Espose is an annual music event of Student Executive Board of Economic and Rural Development, Faculty of Economics, Padjajaran University (HMA ESP FE UNPAD) that have been held for several years, but in small scope. In 2011 Espose grow larger and try to grabbing more attention, Espose combines Indonesian culture with Jazz music. Angklung as the music of Indonesian culture from sunda combines with some jazz musicians such as Andien, Glenn Fredly, Jemima, Barry Likumahuwa Project and Endah N Rhesa. ...
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Pre Event I Espose 2012 – The Report

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, the committee of espose has started to publish espose in 2012 will be back again to entertain the people of Bandung and surroundings. It is shown by the holding of the Pre Event I Espose 2012 at Blitz Megaplex, PVJ Bandung. After the success of Espose 2011, the student boards of Development Planning, Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University will be back with the different concept but still combination of jazz music and culture of Indonesia. Pre event I ...
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Jatinangor Jazz Event 2

In Bandung, we have a community of jazz that always moves to promote jazz. Klab Jazz are their names, Klab Jazz makes some event to promote jazz. Sunday jazz, an regular event of the week always organize routine twice a month. There are still many other events as well as support Klab Jazz. Example, they also support the Jatinangor Jazz Event 2 from Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University. Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University is one of the oldest psychology ...
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TULUS : An Introduction 2011

'The big singer man' that's the predicate that we remember first to knew Muhammad Tulus. The first time we knew him in routine event Jazz Community in Bandung (Klab Jazz), Sunday Jazz. When that he often perform with Grace Sahertian and Friends. He also had a jazz group called Sikuai, we could report on Jazzylicious 2010. So since we know Tulus, we believe he have a talent singer and has a honest voice. After so long in the environment of ...
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Colourful Night Concert With Daniel Sahuleka

Sunday, July 24th 2011, Sasana Budaya Ganesha arrived of special guests, Daniel Sahuleka, musician born in Semarang, 6 December 1950, coming from a Sundanese-Ambon, he pioneered a career in Netherlands, held a concert in Bandung with the theme 'Colourful Night with Daniel Sahuleka in Parijs van Java'. This concert was organized by Keep In Touch and is the fourth concert after three previous concert was held in Makassar, Medan and Jakarta, and is the second concert that he held in ...
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Short Interview With Indra Lesmana – LLW Launching Album in Bandung.

It must be in one of bandung’s fride to have such a great musician did their album launching, and its an honor for us to be one of the witnesses. Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy winarta in a group LLW, have done launch their first album, “Love Life Wisdom” on 26th oh July 2011 in Bumi Sangkuriang’s Ballroom, Bandung. (Please check report about LLW Launching Album In Bandung) After this show, LLW was carried out a meet and greet session with their ...
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Kampoeng Jazz 2011 – The Report

Now has been a year we present to you. Presenting information about the beauty of the city of Bandung, culture, creativity of young people like music, clothing, indie band and event of course. Course we will present many more things about the city of Bandung for the next time. A great event that we can't forgetting in history of bandungsearch.com. When we start, they are the first big event for us, especially for music and jazz. This event come ...
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Kampoeng Jazz 2011

They came again, a largest jazz festival in Bandung. Everybody has been talking about it, a lot of their posters scattered in the city of Bandung. A festival from The Student Executive Board of Law Faculty, Padjadjaran University and always present every year, they are Kampoeng Jazz. It has been three year and this place will be the fourth, Kampoeng Jazz 2011. We're very pleased to get it again. Last year we had an interesting experience with Kampoeng ...
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