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IM3 Java Rockin’ Land 2013 : Press Conference Kensington

Kensington is an indie rock band from Utrecht, Netherlands that has reached more than seven thousands followers on twitter ( @kensingtonband ). Kensington was formed in 2005 with current band members are Eloi Youssef as main vocalist / guitarist, Casper Starreveld as vocalist / guitarist, Jan Haker as bassist player and Niles Vandenberg as drummer. They have released their first album Borders in 2010 and follows up Vultures came out in 2012. In 2011, they visited Indonesia for the first ...
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Java Rockin’ Land 2013 : Interview with Dewi Gontha

Her full name is Dewi Allice Lydia Gontha, or better known as Dewi Gontha. She continues her father’s business, Peter F. Gontha as promoter to organize the festivals. There are three big festivals in a year to be held in Indonesia, such as Java Jazz Festival, Java Rockin’land Festival and of course Java Soulnation Festival. As Production & Marketing Director of PT Java Festival Production (JFP), she works on those festivals every year. JFP is a company which founded by ...
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The First Press Conference Java Rockin’ Land Festival 2013

Last Wednesday on May 29th 2013, Java Rockin’ Land was holding their First Press Conference at Airman Planet, Sultan Hotel, Jakarta. The press conference was attended by several media, such as TV, radio, social media online, magazine, newspaper and many others. Airman Planet was fully filled by the media and other invitation guests. Right in the inside of the room, we were allowed to enjoy the coffee break. For the opening of this press conference, there were two Indonesian bands ...
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Java Rockin’Land 2011 – Day One

Friday, 22nd of July 2011. The first day of Gudang Garam Intermusic Java Rockin’Land 2011 have spread bad news about the delay landing of 30 Second To Mars in Jakarta. Otomaticaly, their live concert in the biggest rock festival in Southeast Asia will be postpone too. In the day time, before the main gate of The third year Java Rockin Land opened, the issue had been spread by the event organizer by their twitter account. Eventhough postponed one hour and ...
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Gudang Garam InterMusic Java Rockin’Land Festival 2011

A large company and a great promoter, done by father and his daughter, has a team that loves music and has three big music festivals every year. Yes, that's a brief description of PT. Java Festival Production, a company organizing many three big festivals in Indonesia. The first event is Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, has been started since 2005 and has brought many great artists and jazz legends to Indonesia. Not music lovers, if never listen of ...
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