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Nero Helia – 2nd Pre-Event F2WL 2016 SMA N 2 Bandung

Hello! If we had to talk about Bandung, it won’t be enough if we didn’t talk about the music and the art from the city. And it also still not enough if we didn’t touch about the art festival in Bandung. This kind of fest are the biggest reason of why music in Bandung are develop well. One of the best organizer are the Bandung’s senior high school. This is what we called the spirit of young energy. They always surprise ...
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‘Big M Day’ 2014 Pasundan University

‘Big M Day’ is an annual event held to the anniversary Engineering Student Association of Pasundan University (UNPAS). This year is the 30th stepping. Themed Big M Day 2014 is RESPECT, means of entertainment, sports and education. Big M Day 2014 will be held May 10, 2014 at Campus IV Pasundan University Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 19, Bandung. As the main event, Big M Day will feature Rocket Rockers and Popeye Extreme as guest star and many more performances. Get ...
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Cold Sun – Debut Album by Zaggle Griff

Zaggle Griff (ZG) is a new rock band from Bandung bringing the true sounds of alternative rock. The personnel of Zaggle Griff : Garzibaldi on vocals/guitar, Dinaltri on guitar, Azhar playing bass, and Jordi hitting the drums. These four young men play rock music with influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Kings of Leon. Having been involved in a number of gigs in the local non-mainstream music scene, Zaggle Griff finally released ...
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New Single Wilhelmina Plain – MJ

Wilhelmina Plain is a Bandung based, acoustic band. Formed in January 2011 and been through several member changing process, they’ve came with solid member. Chandra Presetiyo (guitar and lead vocal), Zaim Qashmal (Guitar & Backing. Vocal), Maki Zaenudin (Guitar) and Aurin Aiza (Cajoon & Backing. Vocal). This band doesn’t use any specific type of genre they use. They let their fans and listeners decided what kind of music they have. Letting people call it based on what they’ve heard, they call ...
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The flower city, Bandung, nowaday have an unique band with electro clash genre called C.U.T.S. Band who consist with Yikha Amel and Itta in vocal, Deeda in guitar and Ami in drums will release their first album after waiting for a long time. They called this album, RRRHADHARRR! This band has an unique philosophy for their name. It started from Itta's idea who really love a rock band from vegas called 'deep cuts'. Then she just adopted it, and here comes ...
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Review Album The SIGIT – “Detourn”

'Detourn' album from The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent or what we usually known as The SIGIT is their second album, which is very different from their first album, visible idea of perfection (2006). The new formula they served here made their loyal audience get a lot of surprise. The FFWD as 'Detourn' album record label was also brought us some special package in this album. They make this piece so exclusive. The package of detourn deluxe album cd boxset ...
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April 24th, 2013, wednesday night. The circumstances of third campus Parahyangan University Bandung arent like usual. We can see a special crowd coming from this place, and believe it or not, the atmosphere they bring here were more hot then a weekend crowd of ciumbeleuit area! This awesome crowd of people were gather here to attend, Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga Universitas Parahyangan (PMKT UNPAR). Welcome and enjoy our report! Let us share about the definition of pasar malam, or what we ...
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PMKT is an annual event organize by Student Faculty of Social Political Science (FISIP), University of Parahyangan (Unpar) Bandung. PMKT is acronim of Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga. Campus three (kampus tiga) is the number of the building of FISIP Unpar. This is an XVII edition for PMKT, it's means the event has been started 16 years ago. FOLKLORE is the name of PMKT this year, the event will be held April 24th, 2013 at Plaza GSG dan GSG Universitas Parahyangan Ciumbuleuit, ...
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Review An Inauguration of Hoolabalang Family – Hoolahoop

April 5th, 2013. An inauguration of hoolabalang family was held by hoolahoop and their record label, reach and rich records on siete cafe. Hoolahoop is a 'rock' indie band from Bandung, they consist of Yuda Dwidatama (drum), Raden Riski (guitar & vocal), Reddy Handani (bass) and Fadli Juliastia (guitar). In this event, they were also launched an official video clip of hoolahoop first single, 'perjalanan terindah'. This is the second time of hoolahoop for making this kind of launching video ...
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'Mereka itu kita' - a inauguration of hoolabalang family and release party perjalanan terindah official music video. Performance : Hoolahoop Anonymous Tonberry Date : April 5th, 2013 Time : 17.00 - end Venue : Siete Cafe Jl. Sumur Bandung No. 20 HTM : FREE! More Info : @hoolahoopmusic @reach_ric_rec
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Report F2WL 2013 – TWORISM

20 years ago Dewi Lestari, Candil (Ex. Seurius Band) and some of their friend, started an event. The simple event with bazaar and performance arts inside. Yes this is the beginning from one of our prestigious event in Bandung, a tribute of love from SMA 2 Bandung. Yes, this is what we called F2WL (from 2 with Love). F2WL is a combination of bazaar and art performance. 20 years they struggle in this world of event. Full dedication from students ...
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Launching New Exhibition Room Ouval Research Surabaya

Ouval research as a famous popular street brand from Bandung has invade Surabaya since 2010. Started with one distro in Jl. bengawan no. 6 Surabaya, they struggle with another brand from this city. Nowadays they moved the place to Jl selamet no. 11 Surabaya with their new concept, evolve the theme of the place into an exhibition room. This type of concept has already published in their hometown city, Bandung. With a new exhibition room, they really wish that this ...
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Finally. After a year of work they will hold their main event. Yes, please give a big applause to F2WL 2013. F2WL or better know as From 2 With Love is one of Bandung's pride event. From 2 With Love held since 1993 by students of SMAN 2 Bandung, one of the favorite senior high school in Bandung. By the way, you can check our old articles if you want to know more, we have been writing about them since ...
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Review Technosphere 2012

This is the first time we got caught in a full 'rainy' event. The rain were like coloring our journey for reporting this event. But what we saw in this event, amaze us. The spirit of all of the committee and the crowd made us warm enough even in a weather like this. A friendly welcoming from them, were like a conversation with an old friend. Say hello to Technosphere 2012. This event is being organized by Agriculture Techonology Faculty of ...
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Fikom Fest 2012

Fikom is an acronym of Communication Faculty. Fikom Fest 2012 organized by The Student Executive Board of Communication Faculty, Unisba (Bandung Islamic University). Fikom Fest 2012 will be held on December 1, 2012 at Campus Unisba, Jl. Tamansari No. 1, Bandung. The event will bring us some indie band from Bandung, such as Danger Ranger, Skamigo, Hoolahoop, Juicy Luicy and many more. Don't miss it guys. Fikom Fest 2012 Featuring : Danger Ranger Skamigo Hoolahoop Juicy Luicy P.S.Y.C.H Djongjone Rusa Militan and many more Date : Saturday, December 1, 2012 Location : ...
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