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ANONYMOUS 1st ALBUM ”TIMELINE” by Reach & Rich Records (2014)

Formed in 2008 at Bandung, Anonymous has released two singles between 2008-2012 -- “Dengarkan Mereka” and “Just You”. Their Indie singles got positive response, especially in Bandung and occupied music chart on indie category. Several schedules to perform in many events around Bandung, Jabodetabek until Yogjakarta has come; from junior high/high school bazaar, university events, clothing fest, local radio and TV to major brand events. Looking into their potentials, Reach & Rich Record (a record label created by Rocket Rockers band members) ...
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Review An Inauguration of Hoolabalang Family – Hoolahoop

April 5th, 2013. An inauguration of hoolabalang family was held by hoolahoop and their record label, reach and rich records on siete cafe. Hoolahoop is a 'rock' indie band from Bandung, they consist of Yuda Dwidatama (drum), Raden Riski (guitar & vocal), Reddy Handani (bass) and Fadli Juliastia (guitar). In this event, they were also launched an official video clip of hoolahoop first single, 'perjalanan terindah'. This is the second time of hoolahoop for making this kind of launching video ...
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'Mereka itu kita' - a inauguration of hoolabalang family and release party perjalanan terindah official music video. Performance : Hoolahoop Anonymous Tonberry Date : April 5th, 2013 Time : 17.00 - end Venue : Siete Cafe Jl. Sumur Bandung No. 20 HTM : FREE! More Info : @hoolahoopmusic @reach_ric_rec
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Report F2WL 2013 – TWORISM

20 years ago Dewi Lestari, Candil (Ex. Seurius Band) and some of their friend, started an event. The simple event with bazaar and performance arts inside. Yes this is the beginning from one of our prestigious event in Bandung, a tribute of love from SMA 2 Bandung. Yes, this is what we called F2WL (from 2 with Love). F2WL is a combination of bazaar and art performance. 20 years they struggle in this world of event. Full dedication from students ...
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Finally. After a year of work they will hold their main event. Yes, please give a big applause to F2WL 2013. F2WL or better know as From 2 With Love is one of Bandung's pride event. From 2 With Love held since 1993 by students of SMAN 2 Bandung, one of the favorite senior high school in Bandung. By the way, you can check our old articles if you want to know more, we have been writing about them since ...
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Review Fikom Fest 2012

Fikomfest 2012 is an event who being organized by the Student Executive Board of Communication Faculty, Bandung Islamic University (Unisba). This event is a final piece from the student executive board of communication faculty, period 2012. Now with the theme 'fantasy to be fantastic' they really bring our imagination to the real world. Its like we cant expect more (cos it more than great) to their series of event. It began with stand up comedy in October, the education of ...
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Fikom Fest 2012

Fikom is an acronym of Communication Faculty. Fikom Fest 2012 organized by The Student Executive Board of Communication Faculty, Unisba (Bandung Islamic University). Fikom Fest 2012 will be held on December 1, 2012 at Campus Unisba, Jl. Tamansari No. 1, Bandung. The event will bring us some indie band from Bandung, such as Danger Ranger, Skamigo, Hoolahoop, Juicy Luicy and many more. Don't miss it guys. Fikom Fest 2012 Featuring : Danger Ranger Skamigo Hoolahoop Juicy Luicy P.S.Y.C.H Djongjone Rusa Militan and many more Date : Saturday, December 1, 2012 Location : ...
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Review Ticket 2 Ride – Pre Event F2WL 2013

Welcome to 'Ticket 2 Ride', the pre event of f2wl 2013 (from 2 with love). As you know it, the f2wl is the combination of bazaar and art performance who organized by students of sman 2 Bandung. This pre event also being held to remember the moment of Indonesia 'sumpah pemuda'. The aim is to flame our teenager spirit of nationalism, and it do have a red wire connection with this year event theme, ' TOURISM'. And the tourism stuff ...
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Ticket 2 Ride – Pre Event F2WL 2013 Sman 2 Bandung

Were not talking about some entry pass for an event,concert, or festival. Here we're talking about a pre-event from one of the biggest event in Bandung. The yearly event who being held by students of 2 senior high school Bandung. The event that we usually called from 2 with love (F2WL). Since 1993, every years the student of Sman 2 Bandung were always keep the f2wl flame. Seeing the history, you will believe that there's a lot of musician who ...
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Hoolahoop is a game of play a circle by using the waist. Hoolahoop looped into waist, and then played using wobble. This will make a rhythmic oscillation and in accordance with the movement circle. Calm, this time we will not tells about how to play Hoolahoop, but we will tell about a band with an Independent system or common known indie bands. The word of 'indie' is came from the word 'independent' which has the meaning is freedom and independence. For ...
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