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Report ‘Konser Diorama’ Tulus 2013

He started everything from stage to stage in Bandung. Have learned a lot from Bandung jazz community, KlabJazz. We scout him well, we saw how he develop in music. He is an ex member of sikuai group. In the old time, he was also joined some other project such as a project with Grace Sahertian, and lot of other jazz musician in Bandung. He built his music soul with variety of KlabJazz event. He is also well known as duet ...
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Review Jatinangor Jazz Event 3

Student of Padjajaran University were always give us surprise with their masterpiece. Who didn't know about Kampoeng Jazz? one of the best jazz event in Bandung. That event is organized by Law Faculty of Padjajaran University. And now we will talk about a newcomer in jazz event. Started from 2008, this event is called Jatinangor Jazz Event (JJE). Being held three times (2008,2011,2012), last year JJE has bring us some great jazz artist such as Maliq n D'essential and Tulus. ...
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Jatinangor Jazz Event 3

Faculty of psychology Padjajaran University proudly presents Jatinangor Jazz Event 3. Jatinangor Jazz Event (JJE) is their annual event, and it's the third years of the event. This year, JJE take theme ORJAZZM, will be held November 23, 2012 at Lap. PPBS Unpad Jatinangor. Jatinangor Jazz Event will feature several musicians from some genres, jazz, folk, groovy, and others. Musicians will perform as The Groove, Andezzz, Soulvibe, Payung Teduh, David Manuhutu Project, Grace Sahertian, Halfwhole Project and some winner of ...
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TULUS : An Introduction 2011

'The big singer man' that's the predicate that we remember first to knew Muhammad Tulus. The first time we knew him in routine event Jazz Community in Bandung (Klab Jazz), Sunday Jazz. When that he often perform with Grace Sahertian and Friends. He also had a jazz group called Sikuai, we could report on Jazzylicious 2010. So since we know Tulus, we believe he have a talent singer and has a honest voice. After so long in the environment of ...
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Jazzylicious : Harmony in Fusion with Kevin

Enjoyment of a musical is not like our food in a day, no matter how big the enjoyment of food is not going to like the music. Food is so feel pleasure but it's only temporary. Music will always be sound in our ears especially if we are witnessing a live performance. There are two sensing devices that work are the eyes and ears, a wise man often said, 'unforgettable memory are when seen by the eye'. So come to ...
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Sunday Jazz June Edition

This is great thing from a city called Bandung. Although not a big city, but Bandung will not lose it potentiality for granted. We have proved the truth of all that, so many events ahead of the 200th anniversary of Bandung, we are even difficult to choose a best event presented to you. But for this occasion we chose Sunday Jazz give to you guys. This is the third edition of the Sunday Jazz and the second edition we follow. This ...
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Grace Carolline Sahertian

Grace Carolline Sahertian is a jazz singer origin Bandung. Born in Bandung October 18th, 1985 from the father and mother named Janny sahertian and Mary Sahertian. Grace has a sister named Lydia Sahertian and Ariella Sahertian. Him family likes music, so that makes Grace was used to singing since childhood and he always imitated artists on stage. Since the age of 3 years Grace loved to eat everything with ketchup, so that if there is not, Grace was not eating. At ...
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After successfully presenting Jazzylicious last year, by presenting Maliq & D'Essentials, SORE, ANDEZZZ (DJ'AZZ SET), and more artist. Now Rockie Production was time returned with Jazzylicious for the second time. Rockie Productions wanted to show Jazz that the containers are exclusive to us all. In the year 2010 they will give the Jazz more than ever before us. 'Harmonie in Fusion With Kevin' is the tagline that they have this year. May be Kanisius Kevin Suherman is the main Jazz Musician ...
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