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February Festivity at PVJ Mall Bandung

January is associated with new year, clean slate and new beginning. While February linked with love. Patisseries and cake shops have begun selling products related to love and heart shape. Malls and many festivity and crowd center also decorate their places accordingly. Paris Van Java or PVJ is no exception. Plaza Puerta Vallarta, the name of round area in the center of ground floor in PVJ has been the place where the management put the main, seasonal decoration. Be it snowman ...
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‘Big M Day’ 2014 Pasundan University

‘Big M Day’ is an annual event held to the anniversary Engineering Student Association of Pasundan University (UNPAS). This year is the 30th stepping. Themed Big M Day 2014 is RESPECT, means of entertainment, sports and education. Big M Day 2014 will be held May 10, 2014 at Campus IV Pasundan University Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 19, Bandung. As the main event, Big M Day will feature Rocket Rockers and Popeye Extreme as guest star and many more performances. Get ...
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Report Senandung Nusantara Mini Concert PSM UPI Bandung

Next blow we got was coming from a newly reborn choir in Bandung, Indonesia university of education choir, or we usually called PSM UPI. Last friday (on oct, 11th 2013) we get an invitation to come and see their mini concert. It is a 'mini' one, because they only perform 10 song in this concert. Remember our last post (check our report sovar concert PSM UPI Bandung) with them? They continue to show us their magic with this mini concert. ...
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Last monday, Augustus 17th 2013, our beloved city, Bandung has been raided by an international classic musican, Martynas Svegzda Von Bekker and Ayke Agus. The all honour came to this place, Selasar Sunaryo art space, that succesfully brought such quality event. This event is also organized by the Habibie Art Center. This two musician is definitely an international artist. Let us have a little review of them. Martynas Svegzda Von Bekker born on 1967. Start from scratch at the age of ...
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Choir is a musical ensemble of singers. Believe it or not, its hard to be in choir, cos you have to fuse your voice into a same colour as another singer in your group. Today, we gonna serve you a welcome back party from a choir who newly revive. They named their party, sovar concert. Good acronym they took here, the sovar name was came from sonority on variety. We think this is a best word to explain a choir. ...
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Review Focal Point Roundup!

On 5 may 2013, The focal point took place in the Taman Ganesha. Why? Because the basic of this event's concept is for a park as a place for interaction between the local communities and student, especially from ITB. It is in chime with their tagline, 'Feel The Festivity and See The Magic Happens'. The event was very lively duting the day, there's a cooking class from Nanny's Pavillion and eating contest 'Man vs. Meat'. In addition, there are outbound ...
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Five Live Surawisesa or well known as FLS, is an annual event from 5 senior high school Bandung (SMAN 5 Bandung). Surawisesa name itself is taken from the title of padjajaran king which means brawny/strong. Surawisesa also an abbreviation from 'spectacular and unforgettable art with sense of sundanese', and as same as it name, this event pick 'sundanese culture' as a theme. They want to make people remember about sundanese culture, that nowaday had issue for being forgotten by its ...
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Report Unpad Choir Concert – Beyond Harmony

Who said that you cant even fully control a song when you were young? Start from yesterday, we deny all kind of that statement. Welcome to the zone of young people. Last monday, April 29th 2013, Padjajaran University Choir (unpad choir) was organize an intern concert that has theme 'Beyond Harmony'. Being held at Graha Sanusi of Padjajaran University, this concert successfully cheer our Monday night. Its like we've been raid by the spirit of young people. And this spirit, ...
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Indonesia Youth Forum (IYF) is a forum for young Indonesian leaders for meeting and discuss about the role of youth in the implementation of the various activities for the achievement of the MDGs, global issues, current innovations, and strategic aspects of empowerment for young people. IYF will bring together leaders in the fields of government, business and others. The 2nd IYF will be held on 23-26 May in Bandung West Java Indonesia with the theme of “The Young Creator : Stand ...
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Focal Point Roundup!

Focal Point Roundup! is an event organize by Keluarga Mahasiswa Sekolah Bisnis dan Manajemen ITB. The event that has a tagline “Feel The Festivity and See the Magic Happens” is the first event initiated Scout theme and commenced at a city park. The idea is to promote the importance of city park as green city space and to facilitate interaction between people around the park, from local residents to college students. Focal Point Roundup! is arranged by SBM-ITB Student Association. With ...
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April 24th, 2013, wednesday night. The circumstances of third campus Parahyangan University Bandung arent like usual. We can see a special crowd coming from this place, and believe it or not, the atmosphere they bring here were more hot then a weekend crowd of ciumbeleuit area! This awesome crowd of people were gather here to attend, Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga Universitas Parahyangan (PMKT UNPAR). Welcome and enjoy our report! Let us share about the definition of pasar malam, or what we ...
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UNPAD Choir – 8th Intern Concert “Beyond Harmony”

UNPAD Choir or better known as PSM Unpad (Choir Unpad) will held a concert, again. Although only internal concert but we really appreciate it. PSM Unpad routine held an event, whether it's a concerts or more. This is the 8th to their internal concert, called the Beyond Harmony. This concert will be held at Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Unpad Jl. Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung on April 26th, 2013. In concert this psm unpad will present 4 conductors : Nugraha Tri, ...
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PMKT is an annual event organize by Student Faculty of Social Political Science (FISIP), University of Parahyangan (Unpar) Bandung. PMKT is acronim of Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga. Campus three (kampus tiga) is the number of the building of FISIP Unpar. This is an XVII edition for PMKT, it's means the event has been started 16 years ago. FOLKLORE is the name of PMKT this year, the event will be held April 24th, 2013 at Plaza GSG dan GSG Universitas Parahyangan Ciumbuleuit, ...
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Review An Inauguration of Hoolabalang Family – Hoolahoop

April 5th, 2013. An inauguration of hoolabalang family was held by hoolahoop and their record label, reach and rich records on siete cafe. Hoolahoop is a 'rock' indie band from Bandung, they consist of Yuda Dwidatama (drum), Raden Riski (guitar & vocal), Reddy Handani (bass) and Fadli Juliastia (guitar). In this event, they were also launched an official video clip of hoolahoop first single, 'perjalanan terindah'. This is the second time of hoolahoop for making this kind of launching video ...
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Report F2WL 2013 – TWORISM

20 years ago Dewi Lestari, Candil (Ex. Seurius Band) and some of their friend, started an event. The simple event with bazaar and performance arts inside. Yes this is the beginning from one of our prestigious event in Bandung, a tribute of love from SMA 2 Bandung. Yes, this is what we called F2WL (from 2 with Love). F2WL is a combination of bazaar and art performance. 20 years they struggle in this world of event. Full dedication from students ...
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