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This year, Jakarta International Jazz Festival or well known as JAKJAZZ, “Jazz the Way You Are” hold their grand event for the fourteenth-time. The event was being held on 18-20 October 2013 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Jakjazz 2013 was being livened up with several national jazz musicians, such as Indra Lesmana, Sierra Soetedjo, Barry Likumahuwa Project, Abdul & the Coffee Theory, Mus Mujiono, Didiek SSS, Ermy Kulit, Tohpati and so many more. As the international festival, Jakjazz also invited the ...
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Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013

The Java Jazz Festival back in action. It’s their 9th edition and they ready to jazz our day again. Who doesn’t know this event? one of the biggest jazz event in the worl from our country, Indonesia. Jakarta International Djarum Super Mild Java Jazz Festival 2013 is name of the event for this time. An event who never get tired from colouring indonesian's music sky with their charm. They always give us some surprise in every of their edition. From ...
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[Photo] Barry Likumahuwa Project Live at Ngayogjazz 2012

Listen the name of Likumahuwa course will be reminded us to Indonesian music legends, Benny Likumahuwa and Utha Likumahuwa. But now we will not talk about them. It's about the younger generation, a bass player, son of Benny Likumahuwa. Yes he is Barry Likumahuwa. Barry is a leader Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP), a funk band from Jakarta. Barry Likumahuwa Project consist of Dennis Junio (saxofone), Donny Joesran (keyboard), Jonas Wang (drum), Henry Budidharma (guitar), and Barry Likumahuwa as bass player ...
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Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2012 – Day Two

The party aren’t over yet. It’s getting more and more hot here. Now we will share to you about the day 2 of Djarum Super Mild Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2012. We feel that the audience is more crowded now, maybe because of its the Saturday night, and maybe again, because there's two band, who really popular in the eyes of Indonesian teenagers. Yes, say hello to Maliq n D`essentials and Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP). Maybe. Start more afternoon than yesterday, ...
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Jakjazz is back! That's a good news. DJARUM SUPER MILD JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL, better known by JakJazz Festival will be back 19, 20, 21 October 2012 located at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. As one of the most successful Jazz festival in Indonesia, JakJazz has been awaited by many fans of Jazz in Indonesia. For 2012 JakJazz collaborate with a well known brand Indonesia, Djarum Super Mild to organize this festival. Before the main event, they was held Road To JakJazz Festival 2012 ...
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Ticket The 35th Jazz Goes to Campus

35th Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) is the oldest jazz festival in Indonesia this year will feature renowned jazz musicians from both the Indonesia and international musicians. Stage JGTC will be enlivened by the Orange Pekoe (Japan), The Groove, BLP (Barry Likumahuwa Project), Kunokini, Tribute to Bubi Chen Project (Jeffrey Tahalele, Cendy Luntungan, Nesia Ardi / Ines, and Andi Wiriantono) and many more jazz musicians from indonesia and international artist! FEEL THE FREEDOM OF JAZZPRESSION! Venue : Campus Ground FEUI Depok Date ...
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Review Road To Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2012

Jakarta International Jazz Festival with Djarum Super Mild will be held again on October 2012, at Istora Senayan. Road to Djarum Super Mild Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2012 held as a pre event show of the biggest jazz concert at Gandaria City Mall, Saturday, April 7th 2012. The people are very enjoyed the performance of the famous jazz star. The show started from 3 PM until midnight. Three common stage at the mall area are the Piazza, Atrium and Upper Ground ...
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Espose 2012

Espose is an annual music event of Student Executive Board of Economic and Rural Development, Faculty of Economics, Padjajaran University (HMA ESP FE UNPAD) that have been held for several years, but in small scope. In 2011 Espose grow larger and try to grabbing more attention, Espose combines Indonesian culture with Jazz music. Angklung as the music of Indonesian culture from sunda combines with some jazz musicians such as Andien, Glenn Fredly, Jemima, Barry Likumahuwa Project and Endah N Rhesa. ...
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Review Bekasi Jazz Festival 2011 – Day One

Bekasi Jazz Festival is an annual event organized by Y2K Community headed by senior musicians, Yoyok CR. After successful organize Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010, Y2K Community held again Bekasi Jazz Festival 2011. In 2011, Bekasi Jazz Festival held 8th & 9th October 2011 at Bekasi Square Mall. Located in outdoor on the roof top of Bekasi Square, the committee of Bekasi Jazz Festival 2011 presents two main stage. In addition to main stage, there are also 2 stage inside the ...
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34th JGTC Festival

34th JGTC FESTIVAL – Main Event : International Artist : -Nouvelle Vague (Perancis) Indonesian Artist : -BLP -Glenn Fredly -Gugun Blues Shelter -LLW (Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy Winarta) -Parkdrive -Idang Rasjidi Syndicate -Andre Harihanyo and Sonic People -Project JGTC (Benny Likumahuwa, Oele Pattiselano, Rien Djamain, Sam Panuwon, Indra Azis, Dimas Pradipta, Barry Likumahuwa) -Audiensi Band Feat. Mus Mudjiono, Trie Utami, Didiek SSS -The extraLARGE -Sketsa -The Tribute to Level 42 -Stereotitude -Voyage Quartet -BSO Band -JGTC Competition 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winner -Whiteshoes and Couplescompany feat Oele Pattiselano -KlabJazz Bandung -Chaseiro And many more International and Indonesian wish list artist. Date : 4 ...
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Bekasi Jazz Festival 2011

Bekasi Jazz Festival is an annual jazz event that organize by Y2K Community, a community of jazz in Bekasi. This is the second year for Bekasi Jazz Festival and the same as last year will be located in Bekasi Square. To Jakarta Jazz Festival 2011 will take place on September 8 & 9 Oct 2011. Bekasi Jazz Festival 2011 will feature many Indonesian and international musician. From Indonesia, big names like Ten2Five, Barry Likumahuwa Project, Yovie Widianto Fusion, Dira ...
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LLW Launching Album In Bandung

A good news for Indonesian music, especially Jazz. A musician and legend in Indonesia jazz history, Indra Lesmana is back. After 35 years in music industry he has came back with a new band with new spirit, youth style of music and younger musicians. It is LLW (read: double L W-red) LLW consists of three well-known jazz musicians in Indonesia, Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta. LLW name came from their first letter in the last name. Indra Lesmana plays ...
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Short Interview With Indra Lesmana – LLW Launching Album in Bandung.

It must be in one of bandung’s fride to have such a great musician did their album launching, and its an honor for us to be one of the witnesses. Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy winarta in a group LLW, have done launch their first album, “Love Life Wisdom” on 26th oh July 2011 in Bumi Sangkuriang’s Ballroom, Bandung. (Please check report about LLW Launching Album In Bandung) After this show, LLW was carried out a meet and greet session with their ...
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