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Six Family Touristy Place to Visit in Bandung

As the year end approach a quick break from so-called daily life is just what everyone needs. Besides Bali and Jakarta, Bandung is one city that could be your destination if you plan on visiting Indonesia this year. Here’s why, the city offers divers places to visit and activities to do from culinary, shopping to natural recreation. Mostly people divide Bandung into three parts of recreational area; city area to shop and to eat and; northern part (Kab. Bandung Barat) ...
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Paket Tour Bandung Selatan 2 Hari 1 Malam

Bandung memang sudah termahsyur sebagai tujuan wisata. Baik wisatawan asing, maupun wisatawan local dari Indonesia sendiri berbondong-bondong untuk berlibur ke Bandung. Seperti kami bicarakan pada artikel sebelumnya (baca: Paket tour Bandung Utara 2 Hari 1 Malam), wisata di Bandung secara garis besar dibagi dalam tiga katogeri besar. Wisata di Bandung utara, wisata di Bandung selatan dan wisata belanja di Bandung kota. Seperti layaknya objek wisata di Bandung, selalu identik dengan objek wisata alam dan out door, begitupun wisata di Bandung bagian ...
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Paket tour Bandung Utara 2 Hari 1 Malam with bandungsearch

Halo semua! Kami dari bandungsearch.com sebuah media yang ada di Bandung sejak 2010. Sejak pertama kali berdiri, media kami selalu hadir berbahasa asing, tepatnya bahasa inggris. Namun sekarang kami akan mencoba menyajikan konten kami dalam bahasa Indonesia untuk kalian. Sejak dulu, media kami memang dikenal sebagai media yang berhubungan dengan event dan music di Bandung. Tidak hanya di Bandung, kami sudah melakukan liputan untuk berbagai event besar di beberapa kota besar lainnya di Indonesia seperti Jakarta, Yogyakarta dan Surabaya. Kalian bisa check ...
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Bandung Lautan Api 2015

Bandung Lautan Api 2015   Bandung Lautan Api event (March 24, 1946) was a heroic moment in history. It was like a strategy to defend our country and nations, by burning Bandung city. Of course, this strategy was not a coward one, it was a concrete-realistic strategy in spite of attacking Allies Army. The moment of Bandung Lautan Api was the peak moment of Bandung people that they had to left their belongings and their home somewhere outside the city. Whole ...
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February Festivity at PVJ Mall Bandung

January is associated with new year, clean slate and new beginning. While February linked with love. Patisseries and cake shops have begun selling products related to love and heart shape. Malls and many festivity and crowd center also decorate their places accordingly. Paris Van Java or PVJ is no exception. Plaza Puerta Vallarta, the name of round area in the center of ground floor in PVJ has been the place where the management put the main, seasonal decoration. Be it snowman ...
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Keuken #5 Bandung

Keuken back this year with their fifth food fest installment. Following the successor; first, second, third and forth installment; and also surprisestove event, this year it took place at Bandung City Square on Oct 19th 2014. Quoting their website, www.keukenbdg.com, “Keuken is a one-day food festival addressing the issues of city public spaces utilizations with wisdom of street inspired culture.” Combining not only tenants, but also with music performers, DJ, cooking demos by professional cooks and chefs and communities performance. ...
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Cavera is a local brand from Bandung , for our first collection we have 5 knitwear. All of our product made by 100% cotton materials. Our materials very compatible used in various weather, soft, not easy to furry, and comfortable when wear it. In 'cioccolato' we use 4 latch from wood. All of our product name comes from Indian name because knitwear inherent with Indian. Size chart S : 73 x 45 M : 74 x 49 L : 77 x 52 For further information ...
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“Our Music Our Soul” The Concert of PSM POLBAN 2013

'Our Music Our Soul' is a concert of Student Choir Politeknik Negeri Bandung (PSM Polban). This is an annual concert. In this year, they will presents international and national folklore, and some pop songs of course. You’ll get traditional appearance of the Sundanese and Minangkabau on the concert 'Our Music Our Soul'. Do not miss it! “Our Music Our Soul” The Concert of PSM POLBAN 2013 Date : Saturday, November 16th, 2013 Venue : Pendopo Agung POLBAN Time : 19.00 - 21.00 Ticket : Reguler ...
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Last week, weve been raided by one brilliant movement. This movement will brought us some new view for our film industry. Goethe Institut proudly present, the 2nd German Cinema Film Festival. From the 20th until the 29th june, they showed us their 15 finest selection film. With a super selection, the jury (Joko Anwar, Shanine Febriyanti, and Adrian Jonathan) has pick their choice. Oh, almost forgot, this three jury is came from Indonesia. Their achievement in world film industry doesnt need ...
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Indonesia Youth Forum (IYF) is a forum for young Indonesian leaders for meeting and discuss about the role of youth in the implementation of the various activities for the achievement of the MDGs, global issues, current innovations, and strategic aspects of empowerment for young people. IYF will bring together leaders in the fields of government, business and others. The 2nd IYF will be held on 23-26 May in Bandung West Java Indonesia with the theme of “The Young Creator : Stand ...
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