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Bandung World Jazz festival 2010 : Idhi Feat. Archipelago Band, Castavaria

Archipelago in the Indonesian means is kepulauan. Want to bring music from around the Indonesian archipelag0, a group of teachers who came from Jakarta give 'Archipelago Band' to name their band. Archipelago Band consist is Agam Helmi (Bass), Johannes Kurniawan (Keyboards), Buche Barya (guitar) and Nick Pranata (drumm). When Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 on the first day they came together Idhi Prabawanto. You know who is Idhi Prabawanto? Idhi born in Mojokerto 1963. He completed the study at ISI ...
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Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 : Pesisir Ensembel, La Gandie

Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 has start. On the first day that is 6 november 2010 we got some interesting performances, unique, even some groups Bandung World Festival 2010 is the first time we see their performances. But that was intentional, because the new genre of jazz music is the target of this event. So, this is not just a jazz event, but this is world jazz. Sound through the dimension. Yogyakarta getting disaster is eruption of Merapi. Indonesia sad again. ...
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Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 : Kommunitas Jazz Kemayoran, Gilang Ramadhan, David Manuhutu

Kommunitas Jaz Kemayoran is a community lovers and connoisseurs of Jazz music in Jakarta. Named as Kommunitas Jazz Kemayoran because people who like jazz are doing their activities in Kemayoran, a place dedicated Beben Jazz as coordinator of this community. Kommunitas Jazz Kemayoran since 17 March 2004, now has more than a thousand members. An achievement to kommunitas Jazz Kemayoran, 30-1 June 2008 is when they present performance of 41 bands and jazz musicians to play for 31 hours. When ...
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Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 : Sujiwo Tejo feat. Imelda Rosalin, Indonesian Youth Regeneration

Sujiwo Tejo is a caring culture of Indonesia. He can do a lot of art, he is a puppeteer, writer, painter. Often known as a singer and music composer and also an actor and film director. Not many people who have artistic talent like Sujiwo Tejo. He is one of the biggest cultural Indonesian owned. Many works have been produced (you can check on the official website Sujiwo Tejo). When 7 november 2010, he came to Sabuga Bandung. Places that ...
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Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 : Tohpati, Barry Likumahuwa Project

Don't ask me again who Tohpati, all lover music in Indonesia would know who he is. He is one of the guitar maestro Indonesia which still exist today. He playing guitar quick but cold. He is also the founder of 'SimakDialog' with Riza Arshad, Arie Ayunir, and Indro Hardjodikoro. Now Tohpati make a band with their music more directed to rock, Ethnomission is the name of this band. Still together Indro Hardjodikoro play bass, Tohpati also brings Endang Ramdhan to ...
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Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010 : The Stage Schedule

Five days before Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010. Are you ready to welcome the spectacular event? Bandung will dissolve in a fanfare in the age of 200 years. Yes, this is one of a part celebration 200 years Bandung. For this time the event brought Jendela IDE to you, a institution non profit which has been trying to give attention to the Indonesian culture. In this event, cultural will also be combined with more distant introduction jazz music ...
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Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010

Next weekend you should revisit the flower city. A strong reason to support that sentence because next weekend in Bandung will be held a great event. Still to enliven celebration 200 years of Bandung. This time, a music festival that has international scope. It would be a loss if you missed that, because this event will feature musicians from Indonesia and International. This event called Bandung World Jazz Festival 2010. Bandung World Jazz Festival is an annual event of ...
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