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KSP Fair Unpad 2014

KSP Fair Photo Contest 2014 Theme : Akulturasi Budaya Deadline : March 29, 2014 Photo Sent to : kspfair@gmail.com Fee : IDR 50.000 Contact Person : 085659116214 (Faldi) KSP Fair Angklung Competition 2014 Competition for SMA/SMK in Bandung Date : March 29, 2014 Registration : 20 Feb - 15 Mach 2014 Fee : IDR 100.000 / Group Contact Person : 085711337004 (Friska) KSP Fair Tari Saman Competition 2014 Competition for Unpad Student Fee : IDR 200.000, - / Group Contact Person : 08561247294 (Amalia) Info : @KSPFAIR
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Review Arthuration 2012

Agriculture Faculty of Padjajaran University organized the event who pick theme about Indonesian culture. This event being presented with some creativity art. They named this event ARTHURATION. We can called the event who being held at December 8, 2012 in Giri Gahana Golf and Resort Bandung, success. When we came into the location, the culturestand, photography exhibition and traditional cultural food stage were attached our eyes. It’s like a complicate fusion of intimate feeling we got here. Because of the ...
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Espose 2012

Espose is an annual music event of Student Executive Board of Economic and Rural Development, Faculty of Economics, Padjajaran University (HMA ESP FE UNPAD) that have been held for several years, but in small scope. In 2011 Espose grow larger and try to grabbing more attention, Espose combines Indonesian culture with Jazz music. Angklung as the music of Indonesian culture from sunda combines with some jazz musicians such as Andien, Glenn Fredly, Jemima, Barry Likumahuwa Project and Endah N Rhesa. ...
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Angklung Orchestra In Concert IX : The Musicals

One of Indonesia's culture has been recognized by Unesco as Indonesia's culture is Angklung. Although had been a problem with side country some time ago, but we don't want to lose our valuable asset. Angklung origin from Sundanese and Bandung. Angklung is one of the pride instrument musical of Sundanese and Bandung society. Many technique have been Sundanese society doing to preserve their instrument musical. One of the technique with form groups Angklung in the community and school. Keluarga Paduan Angklung ...
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Bandung' teenagers never die, any time of year there's always something unique activities that they do. Not overstate, its a fact, there is always an event, music, clothing or indie bands by the teenagers of Bandung. This time we back get something unique and distinctive, it's about an event that will soon be held, they call themselves Night Market Campus Three ; Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga (PMKT). Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga (PMKT) organized by college students campus ...
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Expand the Sound of Angklung 2010 – Preliminary Concert

Music has become an important part of human life. Since humans find a tool that can make sounds, the music has to express a variety of human emotion. Passing through a long span of time, music used to express the emotions of love, hate, anger, sadness, hope, dreams, happiness written in verses and stairs with a beautiful tone that united in a harmonious composition. As one of the traditional arts of the Indonesian nation that has harmony and symphony music is ...
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Expand The Sound of Angklung

Music as a tool that can unite people from various groups had been spreading a positive impact on human life. Over time, music has become a culture that no results are priceless. One result of the work that brought the musical culture of Indonesia as a base, angklung West Java has proven it. Presented by Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMAN 3 Bandung, angklung has been wading space and time to be introduced to the world as the works of world culture. In the ...
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