Betel (Sirih) is a kind of edible plant leaves. Usually betel eaten with lime, and it was very spicy. It all used to respect people who came, like a guest in an event or other important matters. Preface also commonly regarded as the opener and was considered as a discourse before the next activity. ho ho ho do not be afraid. This time we will not talk preface (Sekapur Sirih) as objects that are usually eaten, but the preface as a band jazz.

Yes, this is Sekapur Sirih a band jazz from bandung. Sekapur Sirih established since 2004 at the Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) in Bandung and launch theirs career. Initially all personnel preface is a student of ITB. But the account after finished studying at ITB, there are some personnel who continue to study elsewhere. So personnel Sekapur Sirih must be replaced with another players.


Sekapur Sirih started from a hobby their,personils of music and they join “APRES ITB”. When it was often Sekapur Sirih shown ability in Ganesha Jazz, a jazz event at the ITB environment. Until they eventually join the Klabjazz a jazz community in Bandung. Since joining Klabjazz the Foreword name became known in the world jazz, and many get fans in Bandung.


Actually, not all personnel Sekapur Sirih from Bandung, they are coming from Jakarta as well. Personnel Sekapur Sirih is Andreas “Andre” nandiwardhana (guitar), Kandria “Keke” Kanata (guitar), Prasandhya Astagiri Joseph (bass), Agung Dwi Prakasa (keyboards) and Luqman Agus (drums). But all these men have long lived in Bandung.

Sekapur Sirih does not use vocals, only instrumental tracks of music. By using the concept of their two guitar theirs provides the groove line and jazz rock, making this one feels Sekapur Sirih spicy in the ears of their listeners. Sekapur Sirih instruments more powerfull from them player guitars.


After a long time unique instrument from Sekapur Sirih not heard, cause by their activity in Jakarta so that they can manage the time to hang out and play jazz. So now they come back to Bandung. Peformances in Sunday Jazz Potluck Coffe Bar and Library, Sekapur Sirih was greeted by many friends who have been waiting for their musical performance in Bandung. Then it went on with their performances at Kampoeng Jazz 2010. According to Andreas Nandiwardhana guitarist Sekapur Sirih when he met us at Kampoeng Jazz 2010, “This is the time for the Foreword to return to the world of jazz. I really wanted that.” Yes, they’ve tried to stay there in the path of jazz and they have done in Bandung. The city that is home Sekapur Sirih

Although in Kampoeng Jazz 2010 Sekapur Sirih come without their keybordist Agung Dwi Prakasa, because hes activity. But Sekapur not want to lose this opportunity, them keyboardist Bayu Kristanto. They come to maintain their consistency in the world of Jazz. We hope, that this will become Sekapur Sirih come back to their own way and we will always be waiting for them.

Welcome back to Bandung, Sekapur Sirih. Enjoy and feel the flower city.

Reporter : andHa kp
Photograper : Bagus Hariesandi