ICEMA is a yearly award event. This event give the indonesian musician an opportunity to get some award for their music. They organize the award with vote and internet polling competition. And they also have a lot of award category. For more detail, you can check it on

Now we will discuss about our exclusive interview with one of our 5 favourite new comer winner from icema award, Mooikite. This band isnt a really new band. They already running across the indie music industry from 2008. Mooikite consist of four member, they are Gilang on drum, Talkah on soundscapes, Ryanka on guitar and Yudis Cupu on bass. Yudis and Ryan were also on vocal. What a multi talented young musician we had here. Scroll down for our really nice interview with them. Enjoy!

We : First, let’s me introduce myself. Im Debby from Congratulation for your winning on icema 2012 favourite new comer category. How do you feel after winning this award?
Ryanka, Yudis, Gilang and Talkah : Happy, haha. And this happiness is more change into a lot of question for ourself such as, how came we got to this winning situation? win this favourite new comer award? cos when we look the list of our competitor, they are all a very cool band. So we really grateful for winning this. Maybe the story began from our manager, otis who recomend us to try join this icema 2012 on that category. Then we are all agree, and here we are. Unexpectable, Mooikite win. So we can’t thank enough for all of our friend who vote for us, and for all Mooikite music listener who always by our side. Thank you so much.

We : What exactly are the difference from your band (Mooikite) and another indie band?
Ryanka, Yudis : Uhhmm. Theres no spesific difference, you can called our music is grunge, or rock, but sometimes we called it funk too. We combine some genre that we know. Yeah it’s ok, we think that we want to raise our own music as simple as it can, and it should be still enjoyable to hear. We also will be very glad if we can create our own genre of music. Mooikite’s style. And beyond that, it is fans who named and judge our music.


We : Could you explain more about this band?
Ryanka : Just like what i said earlier, hehe, Mooikite is a band who has combination in genre, such you can called grunge is in us, but rock and funk were in us too,  Haha. We love to fusion all, and we also like to play with guitar effect in each of our song. Such using Talkah for soundscapes. And our biggest influence is came from incubus, sonic youth, and mars volta. So, we think that Mooikite isn’t like the mainstream band we got around us, hehe.

We : Could you tell us how this band is first created? Or a little story of Mooikite journey maybe?
Created at 2008 with 3 person formation. It’s Ryanka, Hugo and Yudis Cupu. Then, we had some multi change personel, such as in drum position, Hugo out and here came Oldy (mello). But in the middle of his Journey, Mello as additional player on drum was quitting too. 2 versus the world, but we still believe and keep struggling with our music. And finally we found our next personnel. Our drummer now, Gilang. And until now, we still keep our 4 person formation.

We : What do you want to share with mooikite music? Or what kind of story is behind Mooikite music?
Ryanka, Yudis, and Talka : Every song from Mooikite presented about life. A social phenomenon or a private story from our personal can be our inspiration for making music too. But actually we really had a lot of inspiration from our daily life.


We : Now, more and more lot of indie band showing up their music in Surabaya. After see this phenomenon, what Mooikite will do to keep your music on surface? Do you have a special way to do that?
Ryanka and Yudis : We don’t have any special strategy to make our music keep ‘show up’ in this industry, but we create this band for actualize our hobby, because we bored. With this daily rutinity in our shoulder, such as being a college student and also worker, playing music in this band are our kind of vacation. we play music because we tired up this whole daily activities. So if someone like to hear our song, its their choice, but if you dont like, it doesn’t matter. We know that every people has their own choice for music.
Talka and yudis : Playing music is like showing our ego out, when we play together, we often show some of our own skill. But of course we have a limit for showing that off, until the time that all of our ego combine and making some music. In every practice or jamming session we had, we always made a new song. Or at least a new arransement. We practice it a lot, Till that arransement evolve into our new song.

We : It just our embitered, why you choose Mooikite as a name of this band. What are the philosophy behind that?
Ryanka : It came from me and Hugo (our ex personnel) who give this name. Its a combination from english and netherland language. Mooi is beautifull (netherlands language), and kite is from english. So Mooikite is a beautiful kite hehe.

We : A few days ago we opened your blogspot. And it tells us about your decision for choosing to use creative commons. Could you explain why?
First, we already know about what is creative commons a long ago. But we didn’t know about the detail till this year. And finally we choose to use that, because whatever our work is, our music, we need a license to protect all of it. Yes we do need to protect our music from hijackers.

We : With your experience in this industry, what do you think about the development of Surabaya indie music?
Ryanka and Yudis : In this era, we really see a lot positive change. Such as there’s a lot of gigs place now, campus, cafe, plaza even in library. It’s really help the indie music to grow more. At 2007-2008, gigs garage event are organize, but we have to pay some cash if we want to perform. That’s what we called band collective. But after 2009, Surabaya gigs grow more better. We can find a lot of gigs place now. And it’s without doing some band collective. It’s more easy to access and play for gigs now.


We : If we talk about future, what is the next closest agenda for Mooikite?
Ryanka : our next plan? hmm. Oh, in January 2013 we will have a recording session with another 2 band from yogyakarta, and two from Surabaya (it include us). And in the end, this recording will be changed into an album. A split album actually.It is because the album consist of 4 different band. For the physic album, we will use the stone Age Records (

We : If you can pick a band to collaborate. Who will you choose?
Yudis : I want melancholic bitch hehe.
Mooikite : haha Yudis! But, so far, we really like our own music. Even each of us had an own playlist who only consist with Mooikite’ songs. A little narcist we think, but if we can choose who to collaborate, we will choose our own influence of course. It will be max volta hehe.

We : Thanks for your time, Mooikite. Success for you guys!
You’re welcome

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Interview by : Debby Utomo
Main Photo : Debby Utomo
Proofreader : Handi Andhika

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