This is the first time we got caught in a full ‘rainy’ event. The rain were like coloring our journey for reporting this event. But what we saw in this event, amaze us. The spirit of all of the committee and the crowd made us warm enough even in a weather like this. A friendly welcoming from them, were like a conversation with an old friend. Say hello to Technosphere 2012.

This event is being organized by Agriculture Techonology Faculty of Padjajaran University (FTIP-UNPAD). It’s held on November 24, at Padjajaran University, campus Jatinangor. Technosphere is organized for celebrate the birthday of Agriculture Technology Faculty of Padjajaran University. This event are also a part from commemorate anniversary party of Padjajaran University. And This maybe the reason why in this last few week, we got a lot of big event from Padjajaran University. By the way, happy birthday Padjajaran University, happy birthday FTIP, wish you a very goodluck for everything.

Technosphere 2012 was a closing event from a four series of event who being held by FTIP-UNPAD to celebrate their faculty anniversary. First, the got a blood donation event on November 19th, 2012. Second, is a seminar about the development of creative economy for agroindustry sector with technology optimalized. This seminar is happened at November 22. The third is a ‘wonderfood indonesia’ culinary festival. This festival was organize in the same day and also same place with the Technospehere. But it’s held before Technosphere, start in the morning and end in the dawn.


Get back to Technosphere 2012. This event had a big trouble with the rain. They even must to stop and delayed the event because of it. But thanks to the weather and the spirit of the committee, they resume the event just when the rain changed to a drizzly. Being opened with some indie performers such as monster junior, 98 acoustic, peterpunks and more, Technospehere now start to heat this cold night. We can also see a photography showbiz next to the stage. This show is choose the Indonesian food agriculture as a theme. Imagine about how is the life of Indonesian farmer. What an inspire show they got here.

Welcome again in the stage, now we got Sarasvati. As usually, Risa saraswati in the lead are look so gorgeous and sexy this night. They bring us some mellow transpersonal tone. With their popular single like “story of peter”, “oh i never know”, and “perjalanan”, they bring the audience to the world of Sarasvati. It’s like they cant stop singing along and ask for more. Sarasvati also bring some song from they new album called titled mirror.

After them, we got Koil for the closing artist. From the beginning we arrive at this event, we do saw some people who wear Koil shirt. Koil is one of Bandung indie band who have a very big fan base. And believe it or not, this fan base are like some family. They hold each other, the support each other. We can’t never bored for watching the family interaction from Koil and their fans, whether in on stage or not. Back to the stage, the crowd must disappointed, because koil has only get to sing 3 song. The reason is all about a bad timing. A delayed schedule from this event. And its gettin’ very late here.

This decision not only make the crowd sad, but the committee do too. But the show must go on, the super performance of Koil were wipe the audience tears off. They rock the stage very well, and end this amazing event as same as our expectation. We see that the committee are work as optimal as they could for this event. But the weather in that day were bad. But with a trouble like this, its still count as a success event. Congratulation, and thanks for make our night wonderful. Salute.

Written by : Andha Kp, Handi Andhika