Koil is a since 1993 rock band from Bandung. This band consisted of four members, known as J. A. Verdijantoro (vocalist), Donnijantoro (guitarist), Adam Vladvamp (bassist), and Leon Ray Legoh (drummer).

This is the list of their album : KOIL (1996), Megaloblast (2001), Blacklight Shines On (2007), Blacklight (remastering) (2010). They also have two mini album which are Demo From Nowhere (1994) and Caligula (2001).

Last year Koil make a first single concert in Sabuga, Bandung. And yesterday in October 20th, 2012, Koil make their second concert at Eldorado Venue Concert Hall, Jalan Setiabudhi, Bandung.

A theme for this concert are acoustic. As we know, Koil always perform with a synthesizer and electric guitar. With a two month preparation, they transform some of their song to acoustic.

Because of that, this acoustic concert will be a very great perform for KOIL, fans, and also the audiences. The concert were also a request from the sponsor side, because of the amazingness for watching KOIL performed 3 acoustic songs from they first concert, so they want KOIL to do it again. In this concert, KOIL also assisted with Putri Ajeng Dhiva on piano, Novi and Dikad on cello.

In this concert, KOIL performed 16 songs (include intro). The gate start open from 06.00 p.m. KOIL started the concert at 08.00 p.m with their INTRO. It made the audience cheering. The first song that they performed is “NYANYIAN LAGU PERANG”.

The audience look so enthusiastic and started to sing along with KOIL. Next song are “SISTEM KEPEMILIKAN” and “DOSA INI TAK AKAN BERHENTI”. they performed the song so different from the original version. They bring “AKU LUPA AKU LUKA”, “AJARAN MORAL SESAT”, “RASA TAKUT ADALAH SENI”, “AKU RINDU” and “MENDEKATI SURGA” with a new aransement and it also makes the audience look like hypnotized.

The Audiences wait for KOIL to perform “LAGU HUJAN”, and they do the song very well. “MURKA” and “KESEPIAN ABADI” are performed so different with Mr. Doni Antoro’s arrangement. The “SUARAMU MERDU”, “DAN CINTA KITA TERLUPAKAN”, and “SEMOGA KAU SEMBUH PART 2” make this concert more crazy, because they bring it very different from their last concert. The closing song was “KENYATAAN DALAM DUNIA FANTASI”.

In fact, Koil wantnit so badly to continue their performance, but Otong lost his voice. After that, KOIL was made a decision to go down from the stage to take some picture with the audience. it closed their concert, “KOIL AKUSTIK RECITAL”.









Reporter : Adelina Novi
Photographer : Fajar Nugraha
Proofreader : Henny Listianingsih