20 years ago Dewi Lestari, Candil (Ex. Seurius Band) and some of their friend, started an event. The simple event with bazaar and performance arts inside. Yes this is the beginning from one of our prestigious event in Bandung, a tribute of love from SMA 2 Bandung. Yes, this is what we called F2WL (from 2 with Love). F2WL is a combination of bazaar and art performance. 20 years they struggle in this world of event. Full dedication from students of SMAN 2 Bandung to keep this tradition alive. Even they had a lot of good progress from a year to year. This is their 20th event. The F2wl 2013. ‘’This event is our tradition, our pride. We will try the best to keep this tradition and pride alive’’, said one of committee to us.

They always have a different story, and different theme in each year. For this year, they named the theme “tworism’’ with their tagline ‘No need to go Around the globe’. The committee says something about tworism is all about telling us the magic of Indonesia culture, but to be honest, we don’t see anything about it. Maybe we notice some, but it didn’t satisfied our hunger passion about Indonesia. But we must proud of them. What a hard work they had here. ‘’F2WL isn’t an ordinary event, its a family gathering of Sman 2 Bandung and of course a tribute for Bandung’s people. That’s why we keep the tradition alive’, said the vice-chief of tworism committee to us in the interview session.


Tworism held at January 26th, 2013 in the same place as last year, sasana budaya ganesha (sabuga) Bandung. Not only as a receptacle for appreciate the music, F2WL is another gathering place for Bandung teenagers. Meet an old friend, search for new friend, and even all about finding a new relation. Lot of story started here. What a historical event. There isn’t much difference between this new f2wl 2013 and the old ones, except for the artist they got. There’s 4 main major artist or a guest star in tworism. It’s Gugun Blues Shelter, Raisa, Maliq n D’essentials and Sheila on 7. This all musician came from a different genre and even a difference generation. They also brought us some indie musician such as Lost Highway, Sunny Summerdays, Elpucino, Hoolahoop and one old-but-never-rusty band from Bandung, another history of Bandung indie, Pure Saturday. Oh last but not least, tworism also dishes us the performance from SMAN 2 internal extracurricular such as pispot (musical drama), vocal group, and rumah seni. Interesting.

Crowded, was one of one think need to be mention in tworism. In the bridge space of Gugun Blues Shelter appearance and Raisa, we saw a long line of people who want to enter sabuga area. And don’t forget how crowded it is inside the festival area. Maybe its a little over capacity we think. It’s neither a good or bad news, it just remind us how enthusiastic people of Bandung for supporting this event.

We came a little noon this time. We can see two stage when we walk inside tworism. One in the outside (near the bazaar) and the main stage inside (in sabuga auditorium). A joyful diorama of musical drama from pispot (extracuricular drama from SMAN 2 Bandung) started our story today. You can see there’s almost nobody beside the committe inside the auditorium. Still quiet in the main stage, but it didn’t reduce the spirit of our performers such as Lost Highways and Sunny Summerdays. They still act as max as they can and did entertain the audience.

After break ashar, we can see Pancasura and Vocal Group SMA 2. A solid gorgeous voice in harmony, telling us about a spirit of full talent young blood. What a seed of talent. Next, we got Elpucino. Band who called their music a pop organic, had success deliver something to us. A combination of keyboard effect and synthesizer with a joyful tone raised our adrenaline up. The atmosphere difference start to get known in this time. Great job guys.


The audience space of this event (who usually called ‘bazaar SMAN 2 Bandung’) getting crowd. It’s maybe because this is Hoolahoop time. They always giving us something new and unique in every of their performance, for example they using a beach clothes now, catchy isn’t it? The soundwave of hoolabalang (hoolahoop fans), heat up the building. Bringing some of their single like ‘sorry i quit‘, ‘perjalanan terindah‘, and ‘angle or keisha‘, they made the audience singing together. They also making a medley song, the combination of some of popular song such as ‘ea‘ from cowboy junior, and ‘gebyar’ with their own single, ‘hari untuk berlari‘. What a crazy fusion. It almost burn the stage out. Amazing performance for them, like usually. Oh we almost forgot, they are in their way for making the next video clip. So, goodluck, #horashoop!


Another band indie is next, Jolly Jumper from Bandung. They continue the heat and make the audience gone more wild with their talent. After that we got an indie legend from Bandung, Pure Saturday. They sing their style since first indie movement in Bandung, 1994. It consist Satria “iyo” Nurbambang as a vocalist, Ade Purnama in bass, Aditya “adhi” Ardinugraha in guitar, Yudistira “udhi” Nugraha in drums and Arief Hamdani in guitar. They do are one of the pioneer of Bandung indie scene. With some of band like rocket rockers and pas band, they introduce the indie scene to the world. When we ask about this event, they said about their happiness for be invited to play in f2wl, one of established event in Bandung for senior high school scale. In interview session they talk a lot about what indie scene have nowadays. “Maybe the variety of genre is getting wide, but the spirit is not as good as the 90’s” said them. Pure saturday bring some of their single like ‘kosong’. Awesome performance, it’s like they hypnotize the audience with Pure Saturday’s style.


After that, we got grand opening of rumah seni 2 and a couple of sponsor agenda. Rumah seni 2 dishes us some young creativity full of talent and spirit. Teenagers power. Gugun Blues Shelter is what we got next. Who doesn’t know them? One of the best blues band in this country. The one who contribute a lot for raising blues movement in this era. The name of them getting more popular after they became a champione of hard rock calling competition in hyde park, London, June 2011. Gugun Blues Shelter consist of 3 members, they are Gugun on lead guitarist and also on vocal, Jono Amstrong in bass, and Bowie in drums. The taste of blues they bring to us this time are not an ordinary one. With a not-ordinary skill, a special combination and super aura, they flame the stage. The crowd getting more mad, the queue of audience outside the auditorium getting wild. What an all out act from them. Song by song they played, but we never get bored. Its like we never wanna stop. But time is running out, they close the session with “when i see you again“.



Next we got Raisa. this pretty girl with a gorgeous voice will colouring our next story. She perform as good as usual. Simple and humble, two word that we think are very describe her. Her not-good body condition didn’t decrease her spirit to entertain us. She makes us so comfortable even the condition in the main stage area are over crowded, she made our day, perfect. Her easy listening song, move the audience to sing along. Some single such as ‘serba salah‘, ‘terjebak nostalgia‘ and ‘could it be love‘, attached our ear very well. She also cover a song this time, ‘thousand years‘ from christina perry and ‘ingin kubunuh pacarmu‘ from dewa. And believe it or not, she sing it with her own way, making that song totally her. Unique vocal and a great smart technique. The inside and outside beauty. Awesome performance, what an aura she had. Raisa, Raisa, the one and only, Raisa.


Here comes Maliq n D’essential. A really popular modern pop-jazz band. A familiar one with this f2wl. They played a lot of gigs in this city. They do have a history here. As a well known jazz band, Maliq n D’essentials are also play in some international jazz event such as Jakjazz Festival and Java Jazz Festival. Back to our story, they brought us some surprise in this session. They came with billy beatbox. New brave improvement we think, and yes, it does sound really cool! They dance the stage with some of their hits such as ‘menari‘, ‘untitled‘, ‘pilihanku‘ and ‘dia‘. They also introduce their new single from the sriwedari album. Bytheway, congrats for the new album maliq, keep the jazz out!



Last but not least, we got Sheila on 7. A legendary pop band from Yogyakarta. Sheila on 7 started their career since 90’s. Three original member singing they way out from music industry this era. Duta on vocal, Eros on guitar and Adam for bass. They also introduce again their last 8 years drummer Brian, and one keyboardist. Sheila on 7 was grow big on label, but they still bring those spirit of yogyakarta’s indie. The emotional bond happen when we watch them, especially the 90’s generation. A simple pop song who label as a big hits on his era will attached ourself now. ‘Sahabat Sejati’ success making the audience sing along, dance and also raise their hand to the air. A hysterical shout from the crowd welcome us when they bring us the ‘Seberapa pantas‘ song and ‘Pemuja rahasia’. They also use some medley combination with some their song. Even some of the new generation audience leave the are early, it didn’t decrease the flame they started tonight. Yeah, we assume one who leaves early is people who didn’t have any emotional bound with sheila on 7’s song. Maybe they didn’t know the song cos this band is a legend. They reach a 17th birthday this year! What a historical band. Back to the stage, ‘Pria kesepian’ and ‘Melompat lebih tinggi’ closed their performance. A very nice closing performance. Thanks for the warm night sheila on 7.


Tworism, F2WL 2013 has come to it’s end. The lamp was turn off, firework party is done, and the music has to stop. The hardwork from all of committee was paid successfully. What a pride they have to still keep the tradition alive. Before we leaving sabuga, we still see some of the ex-audience who tag along around the sabuga area. They look like an old friend who finally meet again. Lot of them was the ex committee of F2WL. What an emotional place. This kind of view, attached our feeling. Thus warm and friendly atmosphere. We really wish that this pride, this tradition will last as long as it can. We also wish that they will have some new surprise in the next F2WL. For the last words, thanks for all of the committee the performers, our LO, old friend, audience and all of the tworism element. You teach us a lot. Thanks for the memory, see you soon.

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f2wl-2013-Maliq-n-D'essentials-(6)- f2wl-2013-Maliq-n-D'essentials-(5)- f2wl-2013-Maliq-n-D'essentials-(4)- f2wl-2013-Maliq-n-D'essentials-(3)- f2wl-2013-Maliq-n-D'essentials-(2)- f2wl-2013-Maliq-n-D'essentials-(1)- f2wl-2013-Sheila-on-7-(5)- f2wl-2013-Sheila-on-7-(4)- f2wl-2013-Sheila-on-7-(3)- f2wl-2013-Sheila-on-7-(2)- f2wl-2013-Sheila-on-7-(1)- f2wl-2013-Raisa-(6)- f2wl-2013-Raisa-(5)- f2wl-2013-Raisa-(4)- f2wl-2013-Raisa-(3)- f2wl-2013-Raisa-(2)- f2wl-2013-Raisa-(1)- f2wl-2013-Gugun-Blues-Shelter-(5)- f2wl-2013-Gugun-Blues-Shelter-(4)- f2wl-2013-Gugun-Blues-Shelter-(3)- f2wl-2013-Gugun-Blues-Shelter-(2)- f2wl-2013-Gugun-Blues-Shelter-(1)- f2wl-2013-Pure-Saturday-(2) f2wl-2013-Pure-Saturday-(1) f2wl-2013-Hoolahoop-(4)- f2wl-2013-Hoolahoop-(3)- f2wl-2013-Hoolahoop-(2)- f2wl-2013-Hoolahoop-(1)- f2wl-2013-Jolly-Jumper f2wl-2013-vocal-group-2 f2wl-2013-Elpucino-(3)- f2wl-2013-Elpucino-(2)- f2wl-2013-Elpucino-(1)- f2wl-2013-crowded

Photographer : Fajar Nugraha
Reporter : Handi Andhika, Yolanda Krisna Putra