Wilhelmina Plain is a Bandung based, acoustic band. Formed in January 2011 and been through several member changing process, they’ve came with solid member. Chandra Presetiyo (guitar and lead vocal), Zaim Qashmal (Guitar & Backing. Vocal), Maki Zaenudin (Guitar) and Aurin Aiza (Cajoon & Backing. Vocal).

This band doesn’t use any specific type of genre they use. They let their fans and listeners decided what kind of music they have. Letting people call it based on what they’ve heard, they call their music as plain music. Furthermore, they only tell they play in acoustic.

Inspiration for the name of the band came from Dutch. As in Dutch, Plain comes from Plein, literally means wide field. Meanwhile Wilhelmina was inspired by Wilhelmina the Queen of Netherland. In Bandung, Wilhelmina Plein was the name given to a open field back in 1900s. Now it more known as Gasibu, just in front of the governor office.

Through music, Wilhelmina Plain want to bring joy and consciousness to men that we’re playing inside God’s playground called Earth. They also bring mission to make gardening habit accessible to youth, especially in Bandung.

Wilhelmina Plain – MJ

After producing some music and published it on soundcloud (soundcloud.com/Wilhelminaplain), Wilhelmina Plain came with first single debut, MJ. This song was featured in compilation CD of Inmusicnation Kickfest 2013 (access through inmusicnation.com) and will be distributed for free on their soundcloud channel.

Inspired by a little girl, Mary-Jane Putri Srikandi, they name the song after her, MJ. It tells a story of little girl bedtime activity, how she’s lifted up above by her dad before sleeping. This song also tells about hope, strength, and the meaning of live. Not only for the inspirator but also for kids around the world.

Sad part of the song is the girl passed away not long after the song were recorded. She is believed she keeps on going on the dreams and the joy. May the dreams keep on living on the song.

Recently MJ by Wilhelmina Plain can be downloaded free on its official soundcloud. Enjoy…

For More Info :
Twitter : @wilhelminaplain
Soundcloud : http://www.soundcloud.com/wilhelminaplain
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/wilhelminaplain
Email : yolandakrisnaputra@gmail.com / wilhelminaplain@gmail.com
Contact Person : Yolanda KP (085720343744/082120276673)

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