Homogenic is a fellowship from Bandung. Actually this is the name of a band indie, but they prefer called band because they play music not like band usually we see. Homogenic use concept eloktronika music with genre music pop. In playing music using synths, keyboards and many other electronic musical instruments are combined with vocals. Homogenic was formed in 2002, with members who have same visi in play music.


When form of year 2002 Homogenic consists with Dina Dellyana (rhythm programming, vocoded vocals, synths, pcm piano, guitar) and Grahadea Kusuf (analog synths, sequencing computer programming), Risa Saraswati (vocals). But Risa Saraswati now been replaced by Amandia Syachridar. Along with their new vocalist Homogenic released their third album in April 2010. Now music Homogenic always comes with the concept that fress more and more. They requested help of some friends to play some musical instruments like the band, such as bass, drumm and guitar.


When Kickfest Bandung 2010 which was located in Stadion Siliwangi Bandung West Java on 16-18 July 2010, we have time to enjoy live music from Homogenik. It was Friday 16 July 2010 which was day one Kickfest Bandung 2010. In the annual event Clothing and Distribution Store of (KICK) Kreative Indonesia Clothing Komunity,  Homogenic doing stage starts at 20: 20. Kickfest 2010 Get Real is the theme of the event that time. Homogenic present that night with some friends who help them to create a concept for their band. Aditional player is Muh M Rachman (Bass), Gabriel Gebeg (Drums), Maradilla Syachridar (Back Vocals). They are ordinary people who have play with Homogenic in many stage.


Begins with an “Intro” interesting, Homogenic start stage that night. To perform second song their called Amandia Syachridar (Manda) asaudience cheered at the sight of a beautiful girl came. “Transmutasi” is the second song of Homogenic, this is the song in third album of Homogenic. The next song is from the new album Homogenic that released in April ago “Radio“. “Happy With Out You” is the third song of Homogenic, still from their third album. Followed by “Destiny“. The next song is “Seringan Awan“, this is one of the hits from Homogenic, interesting use an electronics skills, so this song is very cold. “Surrealism” and “Yang Terpisah” is the next song. Finally stage from Homogenic at night was stopped with song “Utopia“.

kickfest-bandung-2010-homogenic-(21) kickfest-bandung-2010-homogenic-(22) kickfest-bandung-2010-homogenic-(27)

This is a method to spoil the ear by a band with basic on electronics. Enjoy Homogenic and enjoy next review from us in Kickfest Bandung 2010 Get Real.

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Reporter : andHa kp
Photografer : Bayu Satrio