Kickfest Bandung 2010 had started Friday 16 June 2010. The annual event from Kreative Independent Clothing Kommunity (KICK) is an opportunity for Clothing Indonesia to show what they have. On the first day Kickfest Bandung 2010 has been attracting considerable attention from teenagers Bandung and surroundings, especially for those looking for Clothing with good quality but cheap price. This is evidenced by the sale of entrance tickets which cost Rp 8000,- on first day already sold more than eight thousand tickets.



Kickfest Bandung 2010 was the first day begins at 10:00 am, had many visitors who attend. But more and more visitors while live music will start peformances. In addition to many bands peformances, Clothing is also the thing want to get visitors coming to Kicfest Bandung 2010. This is a uniqueness of Bandung, famous for its production in addition to quality clothing, Bandung also gave birth to many bands and musicians who are qualified. Bandung was really creative.

Chalatraz started the stage, is a band indie bandung Experimental Core origin because they differ in their songs many different genres of music. Chalatraz consists of Simon (vocals), Zei (guitar), Ardi (guitar), Yoga (bass), Sandi (drumm), Nuradi (synthesizer). Followed by peformances THE JIM’S. This is still original band Bandung, they are Galih (Vocals), Bayu (Drums), Kunse (Bass), treee (guitar). Chamberlain continued by the appearance of the band. Finally we can get a band that has long been expected that afternoon by the visitors who were present at Kickfest Bandung 2010, they were Rosemary (check ou review about stage Rosemary here). They have a lot to have fans at their own place of birth, Bandung.

After peformances Rosemary, stage resting to few minutes to pray maghrib. Visitors can concentrate to buy clothing or products that they want more. After resting stage Kickfest Bandung 2010 was followed by a good performance from Blackstar. Then follow by an attractive peformances from LOCAL DRUG STORE a band from Jakarta – Bandung, they took an electronic music genre. They are Yumna N Kemal (vocals), Dimas Theodora (machine), babam bramaditia (guitar), chacha Widyawan (drums). Homogenic is the next indie band that has genre music eletronika pop, they were so admired by many visitors Kickfest Bandung 2010 (check review from us about Homogenic here). All the splendor of the stage Kickfest Bandung 2010 owned Mocca, all visitors in Kickfest Bandung 2010 waiting Mocca a band indie who have committed their cities to foreign stage (check review stage of Mocca here).


Yes kickfest stage at Bandung in 2010 had closed with a song mars Persib by Mocca. Persib a football club in Bandung, and all went home, singing songs of their pride. But Kickfest Bandung 2010 not over yet, still a lot of performances from bands and other cool thing. Please check the schedule stage Kickfest Bandung 2010.


SABTU, 17 JULI 2010

13.35 – 14.05 Jack & Fourman
14.15 – 14.45 Virgin Oi
14.55 – 15.40 Goodboy Badminton
15.50 – 16.35 CloseHead
16.45 – 17.30 AfterComa
18.30 – 19.15 Stranger
19.25 – 20.10 The Experience
20.20 – 21.05 Mobil Derek
21.15 – 22.00 Shaggy Dog


MINGGU, 18 JULI 2010

14.35 – 15.05 Too Weak To Dance
15.15 – 15.45 Sonic Tourment
15.55 – 16.35 Tcukimay
16.45 – 17.30 Alone At Last
18.30 – 19.15 Blind To See
19.25 – 20.10 BottleSmoker
20.20 – 21.05 Nudist Island
21.15 – 22.00 KOIL

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Reporter : Andha Kp
Photografer : Bayu Satrio