Hoolahoop is a game of play a circle by using the waist. Hoolahoop looped into waist, and then played using wobble. This will make a rhythmic oscillation and in accordance with the movement circle. Calm, this time we will not tells about how to play Hoolahoop, but we will tell about a band with an Independent system or common known indie bands.

The word of “indie” is came from the word “independent” which has the meaning is freedom and independence. For more facilitate the work “independent” made more simple as “indie”. Indie Band is an idealism in playing music, not music that is produced and heard in certain area. Many indie band even famous to out of their country. Indie band does not follow tastes and desires of most music listeners. They always survive with kind of their music. Most Indie Band believe, that will be there people who would can to accept their music. We should be ourselves, that most of the principles by Indie Band.


Bandung as a creative city has a lot of indie band. Indie band in Bandung has started since 1994. Pas Band is the first band to record their song in Independent. After Pas Band, more and more band which brings their music in indie, without help of the major labels. Indie Band in Bandung increasingly supported by the presence of media that supports their existence. Radio and media like myspace is a factor supporting to make success indie bands in Bandung.

Indie band is a symbol of freedom to play music for youth children and teenagers in our city, they could play music with their creativity, without regulated by demands of most listeners. Not regulated by the desire of others and they want to independent. Although they have a label, but labels it remains independent. Indie band recording and disseminate music their own. Even many Indie Band in Bandung distribute their songs for free.

One of Indie Band in Bandung is hoolahoop. Hoolahoop has existed since 1 May 2009. Though new, but they have attempted to produce great song. Enjoy role as a music player and not fixated of others song which been there is a major capital for them to produce a song. They are young, average age 19 years. At a young age but can creation is characteristics that many youth children in Bandung.

Hoolahoop consist of Yuda Dwidatama (Tama) as a drumer. Raden Riski (Riski) plays guitar as vocals as well. Reddy Handani (Reddy) play bass and backing vocals. Fadli Juliastia (Fadli) on guitar. Hoolahoop name’s started when Tama, Riski and Reddy likes sports and play hoolahoop as well. First time, they think that they will easi play hoolahoop, but after trying, it was difficult. They can’t play that. After they playing music, they felt suited for playing music. So they called their band with hoolahoop.

Hoolahoop have genre music which they call as  indie rock. Indie rock first time appears in England and America on 1980 as one of the sub-genre of rockk music. Artists indie rock famous can put the setting and controls on their music and career. That has been hoolahoop owned, they are great musicians in creation. But they do not hopes up their music be a career for them. Hoolahoop enjoy the process they create a song. It turns out the song that they produce also be accepted by society. They don’t think that what is done, will achieve results like today. It turns out begins a hobby music and enjoy music has produced a different matter to their lives.

Formation of hoolahoop because there was the chemistry between personnel. Tama and Riski are friends since the park childhood, they was known each other, their personal even been regarded as a family. When moving adolescents, Riski met with Reddy and became friends when in junior high school. Tama and Fadli met when their school in SMA N 14 Bandung, which presenting fourteenagers some time ago. Initially hoolahoop only project for them. They have band each. Reddy and Riski play with their band of Fairy Traince, but now their band rarely performance. While Tama playing with band Lovely Lolita. Although each had a band but didn’t reduce their attention towards hoolahoop.

Raden Riski born from a family of musicians. If you are music lovers in Bandung, certainly you remember name Deddy Hasan. He is one of personnel Katara Singer. Katara Singer was formed in 1987, consist of Ratna Oktaviani Sumantri (Nana), Farika Laksanawati (Rika), Andre Ronal Benito Hehanusa (Adre Hehanusa) dan Deddy Sumardi Hassan (Deddy). In 1989 Katara Singer released an album with titled “Ternyata“, with producer Erwin Gutawa. Katara Singer had some hits single such as “Masa Bodo“, “Ternyata“, “Desah” and many more. Deddy Hasan is the father of Raden Riski player guitar and vocal of hoolahoop.


Ability to play music and hobbies Riski receive it from his father. Also coupled with the music has become a needs for his families, resulting in a Riski who so loved and enjoyed music. He had learned many musical instruments such as drums, piano, but when learn guitar he enjoy it. Guitar can distribute musical expression owned Riski. Likewise with Yuda Dwitama (Tama) he had learned guitar from his father and mother, but when playing drums he can enjoy it. To Tama had originally learned to play guitar, but because they feel less fit. He learned drum with the principle observe, copied and modified and can feel it. Not different with Reddy, he has studied guitar and taught himself since junior high school. Whereas Fadli already learning guitar since 4th Elementary School. He is thought hold the guitar it delicious, as hold your lady. It’s four young children who already familiar with music since old.

When Psychology of The Sixth Sense “Pray For Indonesia” place on campus UPI on 13 November 2010 ago, we get interesting performance from hoolahoop. This is first performances for Fadli Julistia (Guitar), for previously time hoolahoop play three. Tama came with different appearances, sports apparel. It reminds to the origin of the name of hoolahoop, which derived from their hobby, sport.

True Friends Will Always Be There” is their first song. The song was created together by hoolahoop’s personnel. This song tell about cohesiveness and togetherness will be make easy to deal with storm though. They want convey, “a great friend will not leave when you get problem.” In this song Tama plays drums with a lot cymbal and fast. The second song from hoolahoop titled “Selalu Ada Untukmu” this song creation Tama, beginning slowly and great play skill in the middle of the song. The song is about people love to the people in his around, such as partner, family, friends and others. Hoolahoop will always be there for them. Titled third song is “Sorry I Quit”, we felt very near with this song. This is the first time for us, but we felt it was very near and we have made like ever hear it. It is like there is in our midst. Might because this song creation of our friend, Yuda Dwidatama.


Beginning excerpt of guitar combined with the beats of drum, song “Perjalanan Terindah” sounded delicious. Suddenly sound of guitar came much, combined with great vocals. Tama playing drum with a blend of punches, so not produce monotonous sound. This is last song from hoolahoop, and song hits singles of them as well. This song created of Aska “Rocket Rockers” as hoolahoop’s producer as well. This is a song from 2005 year, but because more suited to hoolahoop, finally they sing this song. You can request this song on your favorite radio in Bandung.

In addition four songs that, still there some hoolahoop song which they prepared for their mini album. Let’s we wait for mini album and the next creation from hoolahoop. Let’s see and hear the creation of youth children Bandung.

Please listen to song from Hoolahoop in : myspace hoolahoop.

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Photographer : Rio Rizki Kamal (hoolahoop’s crew)
Reporter : andha kp