HMGNC ‘Today and Forever’ Album

After successfully released a single ‘Today and Forever’ on last April 2015, this scifi-electropop band from Bandung, Homogenic (HMGNC) will come back and surprise their fans.

Amandia Syachridar (vocalist), Dina Dellyana (Synth and Programming), and Grahadea Kusuf (Synth and Programming) will release a remix album from the previous single ‘Today and Forever’. This time, a remix single album ‘Today and Forever’ will also include other nine electro musicians from different various genres.

The musicians will re-arrange song ‘Today and Forever’ to something different from the original version, such as chill jazz, future bass, techno, retrowave, until drum n bass – nevertheless, it still has an electro vibe. These musicians are Andezzz, Avonturir, Android18, DTX, Mardial, Muztang, Noel G (USA), OSGD, and Random.

Based on the schedule, a remix album will probably be released every launch their singles before they’re back with full album at the end of the year. This is actually the first project from HMGNC. It’s an effort to embrace the new comers to electro music communities. It’s also as a HMGNC transformation time to its urban-electronica vibe.

It only takes soon enough to produce the album. Since April, the producers and other local or even overseas electro musicians have been pursuing an offering to remix song ‘Today and Forever’. Nine producers and several electro musicians are chosen to enliven HMGNC’s new creation.

‘Today and Forever’ remix album is produced by Arya Harditya or well-known as “DTX” – once remixed ‘Seringan Awan” into drum n bass version. To enclose electro music communities, the remix song will be published on fandom’s site, electro music Hexacult.

Enjoy people!

Today And Forever (Original Version)

Today And Forever Re-Jazz , Re:Mix

HMGNC “Today & Forever (Andezzz Re-Jazz Remix)” Available Now.

Editor : Yolanda Krisna Putra
Proofreader : Mahadewi Chitrawati