Who said that you cant even fully control a song when you were young? Start from yesterday, we deny all kind of that statement. Welcome to the zone of young people. Last monday, April 29th 2013, Padjajaran University Choir (unpad choir) was organize an intern concert that has theme ‘Beyond Harmony‘. Being held at Graha Sanusi of Padjajaran University, this concert successfully cheer our Monday night. Its like we’ve been raid by the spirit of young people. And this spirit, live up till this time, and burn our soul to write down the report. Finally, enjoy our report guys!

Nah, who doesn’t know about this super choir? As one of well known choir in Indonesia, they continue to spread their music to us. From their annual concert, national and international competition achievement, and also their ‘Indonesian culture mission’. The Indonesia culture mission here means, that they will organize a concert at foreign country. The purpose of this concert is to introduce the Indonesian culture to the world. You can check more about them in their website, www.unpadchoir.com or follow their twitter at @unpadchoir.

Back to the our report, this intern concert objective is to introduce the capability of their two youngest generation. And yes, this concert successfully proof it. This young talent is definitely has something. With the pure intention, they conjure the audience with their voice. The Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata of Padjajaran University was being opened with a great enthusiasm, and being closed with the satisfied face from all of the audience. Well done unpad choir.

This concert is divided into four sessions. They got, classic session, international folklore, popular and Indonesian folklore. With the hetero list of music like this, we think that they fully answered all of the audience expectation. From choral voice, pop style of choir, the full choir type song and also the song who need a soloist. Singing and dancing. They ate it all, like they perform for the last time. As max as they could, and that’s why, we, as the audience, was fully satisfied. What a great total performance from them.

Classic is the first one. They hypnotize the audience with their choral voice. It’s impossible to deny that our emotion were being played by this kind of list. We think that they did put the soul into the performance. From the perfect harmonization song such as ‘ben sono i premi tuo‘, the serenity of ‘pie jesu‘, and even the grandioso song such as ‘o fortuna‘. They beat it all. This is also happen in the second sessions, the international folklore session. From Europe, to American, Asia, and also Africa. They serve us ‘the three fisher‘ as the opening of the session two, continue with ‘old mc donald had a farm‘ from America, ‘dahill sa iyo‘ from Philipphines, the negro spiritual song ‘the battle of jericho‘ and ‘lets sing bonga‘ from Zulu as the closing. They kaboom the stage with their magic. A big applause from the audience was closing this two medley session.

Session third is began after the 15 minutes break. In this intermission time, the committee change the slide show into unpad choir video profile. This video tell us everything we wanna know about unpad choir. By the way, we want to say congratulation for the grand prix title of 48th montreaux choral festival, Indonesia have a huge debt to you all guys. Great job. Back to report, session 3 is about popular song. Over the rainbow song was the opening for this session. The easy listening arrangement makes our ear comfortable. The surprise is came from ‘fireworks‘ song who came from the all female choir and ‘its my life‘ from all male choir. This performance heat the atmosphere of Graha Sanusi Unpad. Finally the session is close by ‘when you believe‘ song. The most interesting movement from their last song are, the fact that they collaborate with ‘paduan angklung SMAN 3 Bandung‘ (please check our coverage about paduan angklung SMAN 3 Bandung here). As you know, angklung is a traditional Indonesian instrument who made from bamboo. Before the last session is began, our boredom for waiting is being killed by an awesome performance of the unpad choir generation 2008 and 2009. Even not all of this 2008-2009 choir still got their ‘college student’ status (most of them is newly graduate), they still have an energy to support the development of unpad choir. Admirable movement they had here. Keep the energy guys, for the old sake.

The fourth session is Indonesian folksong. They amaze us from their first step to the stage. Look at the costume they wear. Each of them present one Indonesian traditional clothes. this kind of themed were really inspire us. It remind us what our country are. Just like our nation tagline ‘berbeda-beda tapi tetep satu jua‘ (unity in diversity). Back to the session, they brought us a new rebrand Indonesia folklore. Being served with more ‘young and fresh’, this folklore song was really entertain us. ‘Es lilin‘ as Sundanese folklore song, ‘walang kekek‘ from Javanese, ‘bungong jeumpa‘ from Aceh, and last but not least, ‘yapo mama gica‘ from east Indonesia. Look what they done here, they insert the ‘saman‘ dance to the bungong jeumpa choreography. Catchy isn’t it. And how about the spirit they had while singing yapo mama gica? it really makes the audience burn. They cant stop asking ‘more, more, we want more’, and yes, they gave another one to us.

They treat our emotion well. The wave of this concert was almost perfect. Last song is ‘kemenangan hati‘. It being served with all artist plus the paduan angklung SMAN 3 Bandung. At the end of event, the mc was lead us to sing ‘hymne unpad’? The uproar ambience explode here. As you know, because its an intern concert, most of the audience are the alumnus of unpad choir itself, and the big family of Padjajaran University itself. As one of the biggest extracurricular in Padjajaran University, they must have a lot of fans, a lot of people support them, their history actor, parents, yes, the family of Padjajaran University choir, maybe are the Padjajaran University big family itself. In their long journey until now, they must involve a lot of people. Maybe this concert is a place where they can reunite again. You can erase the feeling, but not the memory. It goes on and help you develop yourself to be a better person. Sometimes, you just have to look back where you belong. It can help you find about who you are. The atmosphere here now are gone wild. The admiration wheezing from the audience, the applause, the reunion, making this memorable night even difficult to end. Last word, thanks for giving us the opportunity to report this memorable event. Indonesia proud of you guys, we also. Keep the spirit, develop the creativity and see you in the next event unpad choir.

Written by : Handi Andhika
Editor : Yolanda Krisna Putra
Photographer : Muhammad Sandhi Yusuf

Photo taken by committee, use by permission