April 24th, 2013, wednesday night. The circumstances of third campus Parahyangan University Bandung arent like usual. We can see a special crowd coming from this place, and believe it or not, the atmosphere they bring here were more hot then a weekend crowd of ciumbeleuit area! This awesome crowd of people were gather here to attend, Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga Universitas Parahyangan (PMKT UNPAR). Welcome and enjoy our report!


Let us share about the definition of pasar malam, or what we called in english phrase, ‘night market’. Yes, pasar malam is an event which being held by Indonesian people for entertain the society itself. It usually being held at one wide space of field, and just like what they called the name night market (pasar malam). The event is a combination of a traditional market, traditional playing ground, some special rides of playground park, and another consolation event. Don’t forget about the last name of it, it always being organize in the night time. Pasar malam has become one of alternative entertainment for Indonesian society since the old time. The concept of pasar malam is what they want to reintroduce to us. They want to make us remember, how fun the night market is. And because this event is being held at third campus of parahyangan university, they called the event pasar malam kampus tiga, or what we usually known as PMKT. PMKT is an annual event from faculty of social and politics (FISIP) of parahyangan university (UNPAR). This year has become the 17th edition of PMKT. Nowaday they had become the trademark event for FISIP UNPAR, and also for Bandung. What a historical event isn’t it?


In this year event, they took folklore as the theme. Folklore means to present us, the atmosphere of old Indonesia. The core of every year PMKT are same, the difference is only from their each year theme, decoration, rides, and artist inside them. Just like what we saw last wednesday night, adorable energy was there, a really amazing atmosphere, a wave of audience and of course, a lot of happy smile. When we came to the front door, we realize that there’s a really lot of people there. Ah we almost didn’t believe it, if we werent the one who saw it in live. More than hundred, or maybe thousand of people there fillin the whole corridor 3 of FISIP UNPAR. Awesome.

There’s one thing that always be the characteristic of pasar malam, every audience not only stuck with one event, they can do any of rides that this pasar malam serve. Just like what we saw in PMKT XVII that the audience was spread around the campus area. There’s one who watch the music event, one who play the bianglala rides, shopping and lot more. By the way, there’s two music show in this PMKT XVII. First we got the traditional Indonesia music society, dangdut road show in one of the corner of this PMKT area. Second we got the main stage, inside the GSG Unpar building. They called the main stage area ‘moeseoem folklore’. The main stage served us some indie industrial artist such as FLOAT, triangle, Affen, Lamebrain ft. Dave ‘the Paps’, blue lagoon, seven chords, Insomnia invasion, espionage and many more.


Pasar malam kampus tiga unpar has well known with their kabaret and rumah hantu (kind of ghost house ride). Kabaret and rumah hantu was also organize by student of UNPAR itself. Rumah hantu was a place, that being set up as scary as it can. The purpose of this ride is to entertain the audience with some adrenaline rush for ‘meeting a ghost’. In this rumah hantu you will see some people who dress up like a ghost, and look like real ghost, scary isn’t it? The decoration of this special ride was also make the atmosphere more gloomy.


There’s a lot of reason from the people who came here as an audience. Some audience said that they want to watch kabaret, some want to catch up the main music event, and some said that they just want to meet up with their friend. And yes, we cant tell every reason they had, because its too much. The question is more than why we didn’t spare some our time to catch a cool event like this? Yes, free of charge, full of entertainment, the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and maybe reunion with the old one. Pasar malam kampus tiga was like a very fresh entertainment event for our middle week. PMKT XVII was succesfully entertain their audience. Cool decoration, an extraordinary theme, lot of awesome rides and variety of games, they made our night perfect. They successfully brought us the atmosphere of traditional Indonesia society night market. Thank you PMKT, see you again next year, and keep up the creativity guys!

Reporter : Yolanda Krisna Putra
Photographer : Tomy Trie Sujatmiko
Proofreader : Handi Andhika