Many Indonesian people who thinking that jazz is music old man, expensive music and only for the rich. But in recent years Indonesian jazz has grown music and has been enjoyed by many people in Indonesia. Likewise with Bandung, Jazz growing even among the young. In Bandung jazz music was not confined to older people, but youth and teenagers world.

Many jazz event has been held in Bandung, we often tell it to you. Big events such as Kampoeng Jazz, Jazzylicious held each year. Not only are annual event, community events such as Sunday Jazz has been well received by the people of Bandung. Last year we talked about two big jazz event in Bandung to you, Kampoeng Jazz 2010 and Jazzylicious : Harmony with Kevin. The event was a milestone in the development of jazz music among youth and teenagers in Bandung.


Now, on 2011 Kampoeng Jazz will back to us guys. The event was organized by Student Executive Board of Law Faculty of Padjadjaran University in Bandung, they was three times, and now is fourth year for them. This event will be held on April 30, 2011 at University of Padjadjaran, Jl. Dipati Ukur, Bandung.

Every year, each of their event, Kampoeng Jazz is always be marked with a band audition, as well Kampoeng Jazz 2011. February 25th place in Ba’koel ( Bandung Koeliner ), Planet Dago, Bandung, has held band auditions Kampoeng Jazz 2011. 18 bands signed up in the event that has the theme ” Jazzolution, Nowhere music impacts society“. Competition starts at 3:00 pm. This competition has rules, each participant must bring a folks song, be we like to enjoy Indonesian Jazz. Four winners of this competition is entitled to performances on the real event Kampoeng Jazz 2011.


The event start with the performances of youths with name of the group KPH Junior, they looked like a student junior high school. Followed by the performances Jams Puppies. Not only jazz, they also bring pop songs like Seventeen’s song – Kujaga Selalu Hatimu, jazz format of course. In addition was also a folk song from maluku, Rame – Rame. The next band competitor named D’Sas, present some traditional songs like Suwe Ora Jamu, Tokecang, Rasa Sayange and many more in a song. There is also a sweet song from Reza – Inikah cinta. Soulitude next show, they perform three songs, one of Bruno Mars’s song – Just the way you are and folk songs Manuk dadali. Song from Ambon, Rame – rame really being favorite song for many bands. Soul n’Attitude next perform, also present this song.

Not only jazz, there are bands that nuanced Rock and Pop. Cliche and Stone Road is an example. Cliche played a song like Muse’s song – Yellow and their song. Stone Road play blues, with a shrill guitar their music so delicious. They are also present reggae songs of Bob Marley. Entering the night, the band is competent to perform at Kampoeng Jazz 2011 is Chocoloate Muffin they come with acoustic format. Then followed with Stereotitude after the break maghrib. The next band was KPH All Stars, they senior KPH Junior.


The next performances was champion of Kampoeng Jazz competition last year, Bumikutapaki. Followed by Blues Ocean and Ice Cream Sunday. The atmosphere of the competition is getting warm, especially in the middle the center of the crowd density Bandung, Dago. However jazzing continues with performances of Sugar Free and Chiffon. Finally Kampoeng Jazz 2011 band auditions was closed by a band from Jakarta, The Soul of Magnolia.

After negotiations, three judgest Dwi Cahya Yuniman represented jazz community of bandung (Klabjazz), Deden Achmad Chaerudin of steering committee and Jazzuality ‘s boss Riandy Kurniawan of the media to announce the band’s eligible to performances on the main stage Kampoeng Jazz 2011. They are :

  • Road Stone
  • Stereotitude
  • KPH All Stars
  • Soul of Magnolia


After band competition end, there is one name performances that evening, Tesla Manaf Efendi and Mahagotra Ganesha as guest star. Tesla is a guitar player, he’s young and play fast. He also joined in klabjazz bandung and often play in the Sunday Jazz. Tesla is also one personnel Grace Sahertian and Friends. He came to Kampoeng Jazz Band Competition with Mahagotra Ganesha, students ITB ( Bandung Institute of Technology ) who play traditional musical instruments of Bali.


Judges said they were a little difficulty determining which one is better than all the bands who participated, because they are all equally good. In fact, every year the better the participants who competed in this competition. This marks the best assessment of the jazz music in Bandung and Indonesia. That’s just the band auditions, let alone you can enjoy real Kampoeng Jazz 2011 on 30 April 2011, we wait you there.
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Reporter : Andha Kp
Thanks to : Handi Andika