nerohelia pre event f2wl 2016

Hello! If we had to talk about Bandung, it won’t be enough if we didn’t talk about the music and the art from the city. And it also still not enough if we didn’t touch about the art festival in Bandung. This kind of fest are the biggest reason of why music in Bandung are develop well.

One of the best organizer are the Bandung’s senior high school. This is what we called the spirit of young energy. They always surprise us. One, who always successfully steal our spotlight is SMAN 2 Bandung. Their art festival are become one of the trademark event of art festival in Bandung. The name is, F2WL (From 2 With Love). In each year, F2WL is growing up smoothly. If you wanna read our latest article about it, you should check this link below.

Back to our main topic, last Saturday, at October 24th 2015, we came to this years pre-event of F2WL. This pre-event is the second one for the F2WL 2016, and they called it Nerohelia. As we expected, this mini festival art, Nerohelia was held at the field of SMAN 2 Bandung, Jl. Cihampelas no 173. Nerohelia being drawn as a battle of flame and ice. The theme is chosen because they want to tell us about the fact that there will always be a conflict between 2 sided, wherever you live. And Nerohelia are symbolize that.

nerohelia pre event f2wl 2016 5

The clash between Nero and Helia are describe by the line up artist they brought in. For example, some ‘tough’ band such as ‘Luminous Hunter‘, ‘The Fox And The Thieves‘ and ‘Taring‘ are the representative of Nero, The fire. And the ‘smooth’ artist such as ‘Littlelute‘, ‘Rocket Steady‘ and ‘SORE‘ are describe Nelia, The Ice. What a fantastic move from them we think. And lets see, with this kind of surprising line up in their pre-event, what they gonna brought to the main event.

Nerohelia was started at 10 Am. The weather is good, the crowd are nice, and everything went well. We came to the place when ‘The Fox And The Thieves’ were warming up the stage. And after that, the attack from Nerohelia continue with ‘Littlelute’, ‘Rocket Steady’ And ‘Taring’. Nerohelia was ended smoothly we think, with the performance of ‘Sore’ for a closing. They successfully made our day.

nerohelia pre event f2wl 2016 1

‘Sore’ play their latest single from the new Album “Los Skut Leboys“, such as “R14” – This is the song their made for a tribute to Ria Irawan, a senior artist who still struggling with Cancer-. Not only that, sore also made the evening more lovely with brought us some of their hits song! Such “Sssst….“, “Mata Berdebu“, “Setengah Lima” and “No Fruits For Today“.

Anyway, not only a local artist they served in Nerohelia. There’s some cute performance too from the student of SMAN 2 Bandung, such as vocal Group 2. Pispot (SMAN 2 Cabaret) and some flash mob. This is one of the surprise they gave the audience. At the end of Pispot performance, some audience are starting to dance. And they like move around, walk and gather at front of stage. Hmm, This flash mob was totally a cool idea from SMAN 2 Bandung. Applause!

nerohelia pre event f2wl 2016 2

Overall, we think the audience wasn’t as crowded as last year pre event. But, the plus point we gave them is about their main idea of Nerohelia. And don’t forget with their flash mob! A fresh idea coming from the oven. We also think that maybe, this crowd is what they expected. Not too hot as the Nero, and not too cold as the Helia. Like I said, it’s in between, or what we usually called, the equilibrium. Maybe this is what they want. Anyway, what do you think?

Nerohelia is just a beginning. A fresh warning for their main event, the f2wl 16. Let’s wish for the best! And we definitely wait for another surprise from Students of SMAN 2 Bandung. Wait, before we ended this, we want to ask something. If you had to choose, which side you’re on? The Nero, or The Helia? Well, see you then!

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Reporter : Yolanda Krisna Putra, Handi Andhika
Photographer : Tomy Trie Sujatmiko