Keuken back this year with their fifth food fest installment. Following the successor; first, second, third and forth installment; and also surprisestove event, this year it took place at Bandung City Square on Oct 19th 2014.

Quoting their website,, “Keuken is a one-day food festival addressing the issues of city public spaces utilizations with wisdom of street inspired culture.” Combining not only tenants, but also with music performers, DJ, cooking demos by professional cooks and chefs and communities performance. If you follow their instagram you might see that in order to put this event to live, they took time from making plans, selecting tenants and excecution.

With seven hightlight tenants, eight food trucks, 30 tenants surely able to cater visitors. One tenant that intriqued lot of people was Lemontree. Based at Kemang, Jakarta, the tenant that also join last year Keuken sold lemonade vary in flavors. From classic lemonade to lemon apple cider. Chef Afit from Holycow! STEAKHOUSE By Chef Afit joined the event. But instead bringing Holycow!, he brought his other business venture, Loobie Lobsters & Shrimps. It was one of the seven highlight tenant. Other than those two, there were also returning tenants such as Arromanis, Addic’tea, Batagor Hanimun and Mie Merapi. New tenants like Onigiri Futago, Yakitorisyah, Royal Stag Bisto, Umabo (highlight tenant), Butcher’s Bill (highlight tenant)


Keuken had this idea to not only provide food festival and performances. The idea was more of combining food fest and environmental awareness. They called it #GoodFestival. Social sensitivity in interaction between human and environment. In other word, how considerate human of surounding. By taking public transportation, appreciate pedestrians and cycles and bringing your own bottle and food container.

By bringing your own bottle and food container, tenants gave 10% discount. Plus, you can change three food packaging that had useful-value like bottle into little gift. Plus, a lot of volunteers involves in collecting trash and reminding people to not litter. It was pretty clean venue after all.

Basically the event was devided into three part. With each part had their own performance. So it’s one-day event that wouldn’t make you feel that you have to show up early to catch performance or before the closing because that’s when the music performance usually take place. For example, around 2.30pm DJ Dhanyo from Chemical Record showed how he mix the songs that sounds good for all-age visitors. Sharing the same spot with him at kitchen stage, Zanun and Syagini, held cooking demo. One of the thing they made was ice cream look-a-like made from yam and sweet potato and cheese sauce served in ice cream cone or cup. Interesting. Not far from the spot, Pramuka Bandung took their way to perform near by music stage. Family friendly situation with kids area provided.


Ridwan Kamil was there. Enjoying his Sunday afternoon chatting with visitors, trying food and checking the situation. You bet, everybody wanted to meet, say hello and take picture with him.

Reporter : Cherry Lenggogeni