Now has been a year we present to you. Presenting information about the beauty of the city of Bandung, culture, creativity of young people like music, clothing, indie band and event of course. Course we will present many more things about the city of Bandung for the next time.

A great event that we can’t forgetting in history of When we start, they are the first big event for us, especially for music and jazz. This event come from The Student Executive Board of Law Faculty, university of padjajaran. Yes, they are Kampoeng Jazz. Mingled blue and happy get them again, blue because has been a year we were there for you, it’s means that we must improve our performance, happy because we can get it and tell you the biggest jazz event in the city of Bandung.

Starting from a love of jazz music students from the Law Faculty, Padjadjaran University held an event and they called Kampoeng Jazz. Kampoeng (Kampung) in Indonesian means a group of people who live nearby, not much different from the village, but Kampung smaller. The concept it, they want make, a place filled by peoples who love jazz music, then birth Kampoeng Jazz 2008.

We has followed them since last year, when Kampoeng Jazz 2010. So many musicians in Kampoeng Jazz 2010, their theme was “proud of Indonesian jazz. for the nation. for culture.” They presented jazz event combined with Indonesian culture. Now, Kampoeng Jazz 2011 comes with a new theme, “Jazzolution, Where Music Impact Society” it’s mean music to the community and social activities. Kampoeng Jazz believed jazz not only a music, but also for social activity.


Kampoeng Jazz 2011 has be present April 30, 2011 at the Campus of university of padjajaran, Jl. Dipati Ukur no. 35 Bandung. Starting at 01:00 pm with opening of the winner of band auditions of Kampoeng Jazz 2011 (check our report Band Auditions of Kampoeng Jazz 2011). Start by a blues are so hard, RockStone opened Kampoeng Jazz 2011 as one of the winners of Band Auditions of Kampoeng Jazz 2011. The strong blues marks Kampoeng Jazz 2011 not just jazz music. Kampoeng jazz doesn’t discriminate of music, Kampoeng Jazz could presenting many more kind of music.

Next, after some remarks by a lecturer of Law Faculty, Padjadjaran of University Bandung, Stereotitude also one of the winners Kampoeng Jazz Band Auditions 2011 comes with acid jazz. They played some popular songs like song of Stevie Wonder. In addition they also play their own song, titled “I really Want You“. Their performances closed by medley song Taio Cruz’s baby, please don’t go and dynamite, they played energic.


Next gig comes from one of the winners band auditions kampoeng jazz 2010, they are Royal Flush. They played some song, like Rolling Stone’s Route 66 medley with Bengawan Solo, a famous Indonesian folks song. Really unique performances. Followed by performances from Soul of Magnolia, they played some medley song such as Craig David’s Insomnia with Moony’s don’t know why. Their perform success to entertain audience. In addition famous song, they also played own song, titled lantai dansa and memang cuma kamu. Then comes a performances from komunitas anak jalanan a group from Rumah Musik Harry Roesli. Harry Roesli is a musician senior of Indonesia from Bandung. It’s a symbol, Kampoeng Jazz 2011 not only a festival music, but also care to society.

After that, this time to get some teacher from KPH Studio, they join to a group KPH All Star one of the winners band auditions kampoeng jazz 2011. They played instrument, like song from Karimata tittled Take off to Padang. They make this song easy listening. Next performances comes from a band instrumental from Jakarta, Projrecthree. They played a unique instrumental music combined with a nice saxophone. One of the songs that played is a song they created for the victims of earthquake in Mentawai (West Sumatra).



Alright, next time in Kampoeng Jazz 2011 was something waited of audience, enjoyed a great music from senior musician. He has getting many achievement in his carier, he is Yovie Widianto. One of the smart musicians own Indonesia now, he play keyboard and piano. He come to Kampoeng Jazz 2011 with his dream group, they join the group Yovie Widianto Fusion. “This is music that I love, this is my real music” said Yovie Widianto after first song. That afternoon he came with wearing shorts and he looked really enjoy played his music. Together with other senior musicians in Yovie Widianto Fusion, they are always laughing on the stage.

Yovie Widianto Fusion (YWF) played some song, such as 6/8 and Night In Tunisia. They showed a good music, not only easy listening but also a not easy to playing, must great skill to be able to do that. Yovie Widianto even call a his friend in the group Kahitna to join as a vocalist, he is Mario Ginanjar. They played a few songs that make the audience scream hysterically and singing together, such as Rio Febrian’s Bukan Untukku. In addition they also played a song created by Yovie Widianto dedicated to Indonesian music legend, Crishye. The song is titled “Untukku“. Was stopped for maghrib prayer, YWF continued their performances with Mario. They showed that their music really good quality, thanks Yovie Widianto Fusion, thanks Mario Ginanjar, you has shown quality of music to our city, Bandung.


Increasingly heavy rain, but more and more audiences came to Kampoeng Jazz 2011. Next time we get nice performances from Tesla Manaf Efendi ft. Mahagotra Ganesha. Let ‘s us tell to you little about them. Tesla Manaf Efendi is a potentially guitarist in Bandung, he’s young and has skill. He has a lot of creation with different groups, Grace Sahertian and Friends one of them. Tesla is one member of a community jazz of Bandung, klab jazz, and he often played in the Sunday jazz. In Kampoeng Jazz 2011 tesla come with Mahagotra Ganesha an art unit at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Mahagotra Ganesha playing Bali musical instruments like gamelan and more. Imagine, traditional music is filled with mystical sounds combined with modern musical instruments with a full skill owned Tesla Manaf Efendi, spectacular. Despite only played one song titled “It ‘s All Yours”, but their perform was success. In the middle of song, they show Leak Bali. According to Balinese belief, Leak was the evil witch who seek to suck the blood of baby from pregnant women. When Leak Bali climbed onto the stage, the music changed to the more mystical flute accompanied by a melodious voice. An increasingly heavy rain more and add a mystical ambiance.


Because of the greater rainfall, next time we have seen a lot of umbrellas in front of the stage. The rain didn’t reduce intentions audiences to enjoy subsequent performances. This time comes from female singers with hard voice, the original product Bandung, Syaharani. She came with a group Syaharani and The QueenFireWorks (Esqi: ef), minus Dony Suhendra. This is our first time get their music live and it turns out what people talked about them as long as this is true. Syaharani so warm and friendly to audiences, good communication is always formed to her audiences. “Hopefully this rain be a blessing for us” said Syahrani. Look she wanted to give the spirit and education gratitude to her fans. Music, well managed by Didit Saad to presents a wonderful gig. Although not young, Syaharani showed spirit and love of her music, she sang with spirit. They played a few songs like Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon, Jump and their stage closed with a hits “Sayang Sayang Sayang” We are proud, Bandung has a very good singer like the beautiful city of Bandung.

If a year ago in Kampoeng Jazz 2010 we get a guest star from MYMP a group from Philippines, now w get it again. This time come Roli Alexandra Orial or better known as Sabrina. Sabrina’s presence in Bandung was highly anticipated by teenagers of Bandung. Success recover some famous songs to make us curious to immediately get a live performance. So when it comes news of Kampoeng Jazz 2011 that Sabrina will gig in Bandung, we are very keen to hear the news. She is one of the attractions of Kampoeng Jazz 2011.

Sabrina coms on to the stage with a graceful style, he looks very feminine. Wrapped dress all in black, Sabrina immediately took an acoustic guitar and play “DJ Got Us Fallin In Love Again” from Usher ft. Pitbull. Followed by Train’sHey, Soul Sister“. Turns out she does have good quality, and the perfect gig. Medley song Whenever You Will Go from The Calling, Stickwitu from Pussycat Dolls, Iris from Goo Goo Dolls, Apologize from One Republic, and I’m Yours from Jason Mraz was that we get after it. Sabrina often said, good night bandung and communication with the audiences Also she said “do you like my accent?” sign she wants to make audiences feel comfortable with her performances. When a musician plays the instrument the September song popularized by Earth, Wind and Fire, Sabrina off the stage and changing dress. He came back on to the stage by using bright pink dress and a duet with Calvin Jeremy to singing Just The Way You Are from Bruno Mars. This is a great moment for us, watching Sabrina colaboration with Calvin Jeremy. Sabrina performances ended with a song from Katy Perry’s Fireworks. Satisfied has been able to answer the curiosity of stored, Sabrina was really perfect.

Next gig comes from a singer who always makes proud Indonesia, Dira Sugandi. Dira is a singer born in Bandung. She has become one of the Indonesian singer who go international. She have a great voice like any other black singers. Dira is also one singer who produced by Incognito. Now she is one female jazz singers icon Bandung, Indonesia of course.


Dira Sugandi come to the stage Kampoeng Jazz 2011 with a beautiful black dress. She looks sensuous with the clothes. The first song played is “Through To You” from her first album, titled Let’s Go Back. Then proceed with its flagship songs such as Kucemburu, Essentially Yours, Hand On Your Heart, Inside Love and Will not You Come. Dira said “glad to be able perform in own home, i come from Bandung”. She seemed very enthusiastic at her stage. In addition, she also dedicate songs from Incognito Such as Still a Friend of Mine. It is an honor for us to get it, keep jazzy sist.


Next is the climax of Kampoeng Jazz 2011, and who closed Tahiti 80. Indie pop band from France that was already famous in Indonesia, they are a senior. This time Kampoeng Jazz 2011 return shows they do not discriminated of music. Before performing, they has looked busy to prepare. According to organizers, Tahiti 80 has three days in Bandung, and they are very friendly. That night they opened the gig with the song “Here Comes”. We are proud when they Played songs from their new album like “Defender” and “Easy“. “This is the first time this song played in public” said their vokalist. They were so happy and have energy. Audiences go dancing to get it. Often they speech in Sundanese language too, like nuhun (thank you) and more. They also played their songs that have been popular in Indonesia Such as “1000 Times“, “Changes“, and “Soul Deep“. We hope, indie band of Bandung also can gig and received more overseas. Performances from Tahiti 80 closed song “Heartbeat“. We were the resource persons enjoy their gig. Thanks Tahiti 80, you has come and entertain our city.

Guest star was closed, audiences Kampoeng Jazz 2011 go home accompanied dj music from Dj Arya. We are proud to be able to enjoy great jazz festivals like Kampoeng Jazz. They don’t discriminate the kinds of music. We hope can get it again next year, see you.
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Reporter : Andha Kp, Retno Nendi Pratama
Photograper : Zea Arfan, Bayu Satrio