Friday, 22nd of July 2011. The first day of Gudang Garam Intermusic Java Rockin’Land 2011 have spread bad news about the delay landing of 30 Second To Mars in Jakarta. Otomaticaly, their live concert in the biggest rock festival in Southeast Asia will be postpone too. In the day time, before the main gate of The third year Java Rockin Land opened, the issue had been spread by the event organizer by their twitter account. Eventhough postponed one hour and more from the schedule, it didn’t make audience interest reduced.

Java Rockin’ Land 2011 opened by the performance of Seringai and Closehead in the different stage. Seringai performed on Simpati stage and Closehead performed on Tebs Stage. Not long after that, Raksasa, L’alphalpha and Monkey Boots came out in different stages. At Sunset in Pantai Carnaval Ancol, Dried Casava was performing in the only indoor, BNI stage.

The Sun set when Pas Band came up to the biggest stage in Java Rockin Land 2011, Gudang Garam Intermusic stage that held in the largest area in the venue. Pas Band is origitaed from Bandung City. They were the first indie band in Indonesia.

By the night, the crowd was getting bigger. At the same time with Pas Band, on different stage, performed Zewex, Speak Up, and Real entertained their fanatical fans.

The time goes by, from BNI stage Pollyester Embassy, still originated from Bandung performed in the same time with Tor and Foloat on the different stage. About 7pm  the audience’s shout heard from the Simpati Stage, it was Sheila on 7, one of Indonesia’s legendary band performed there. The audience was sing along when Sheila on 7 performed their hits single like “Seberapa Pantas” and “Sahabat Sejati.” Sheila on 7 also performed their latest song. In the same time on Tebs Stage punk rock music from The Dirt Radicals also heard.


The audience started to entered Gudang Garam Intermusic Stage, they were waiting Keith Austin Murray, Christopher Ian Cain and Andy Burrows in the band We Are Scientist. Sheila  On 7 was stop, and We are Scientists started to performed and successed made euphoria, especially women aundience. Mean while on BNI Stage, WonderBra started to entertain the audience with their unique performance. Di-Da, Alien Sick, Forgetten, Bobby Jones and Frozen on the 12 were also performing in different stage almost in the same time.

Duo brother and sister Blood Red Shoes started performing in Simpati Stage after We Are Scientist. They have been successfully entertain not only their Indonesia’s fans. The audience sang along with them when they performed “Light it Up”. Then “Heart Sink”, the atmosphere was so hot, so Steven Ansell the drummer took off his shirt when performed “Say Something.” Laura-Mary Carter’s guitar play was splendid in “When We Make.”

Sea breeze that blew didn’t make the atmosphere turn cold, moreover Tengkorak was performing on Tebs Stage in the same time. When Blood Red Shoes performed “It’s Happening Again” we started to move to dome (BNI Stage) to saw Netral’s Peformance.

BNI stage was full of people and maked the this air conditionered  room was felt so hot and crowded, but Netral’s fans still enjoyed their performance that one of frontliner in Indonesia’s music Industry. Started with “I love you”, “Hari yang Indah” successfully maked the audience sang along wth them and clap their hands. “So many gone but there many other will come”, said Bagus before he started singing “Sorry”. Eno  play solo drum and they collaborated with DJ too. In “Cinta Gila” they were collaborated with Shanty. “Lintang” and “Pertempuran Hati” made audience getting wilder. And their performance enclosed with “Garuda di Dadaku”.

Meanwhile Loudness a band heavy metal from Jepang performed in Simpati Stage, and on Tebs Stage the Changcuters was performing too, their hits like “Racun”, “Pria Idaman Wanita” was sang along with the audience.


Most of the audience was in front of the Gudang Garam Intermusic Stage, they didn’t want to be too far from the venue of the performance of 30 second to Mars. But before that, bands like Fourwell, Besok Bubar, Rocker Kasarung and Naif were performing on the different stage. Naif successfully maked the BNI Stage full of audience. The band that have just released “Planet Cinta” was singing their latest song “Cuek”, then “Piknik”, “Uang” from their previous album. Then when  “Karena Kamu Cuma Satu”  was perfomed a lot of couple holding each other hands. Naif was keep singing “Televisi”, “Dimana Aku Disini” interspersed with David Bayu’s jokes.

Let’s move out to the largest area in the Gudang Garam Intermusic’s venue. Its almost half of performance of 30 Seconds To Mars. Band that consisted of Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Lilivenis was succed make local earthquake in  the pantai karnaval ancol’s ground because their performance.

The “Beautiful Lie“, “Hurricane” succed maked the audience hysterical.  Moreover their hit single: “this is war”, audience getting louder. Jared also performing solo acoustic guitar and performing “Aliby” and “The Kill”. The last songs in the 30 Second To Mars  list is “Kings and Queens“. Their performance felt completed the music party euphoria with the release of red balloons and confetti to the audience. Jared also praised Indonesia many times and  put Indonesia’s flag and shawl it on his shoulder.

Big thanks to 30 Second To Mars, We Are Scientists, Naif, Netral, Pas Band, Blood Red Shoes and very thanks to all artist in Java Rockin’ Land day one. We really appreciate and make our country proud! We were really happy be one of bystander your perfomances. See you next time and stay tuned with us for next report from Gudang Garam Intermusic Java Rockin’Land 2011 guys.

Reporter : Andha Kp
Photographer : Nabila Fasza
Editor : Isti Bani