Nobrandedon, a denim Provider from Bandung, Indonesia are back in action with their new Article called ‘Special Treasure Stuff’. The new article they had here are still in a premium grade. Yes! they served us a finest Indonesian denim as a basic material.

A new detail from this article are how inside the Yoke, Pocket and backpocket lining they got in treasure. The lining are based on Manual Initial-Soaked Microperfume-Added Grey Indigo Chambray. It is means that all of submersion for processing the denim are manually done by the owner of this brand. What an extraordinary way isn’t it? That’s why this stuff are made for you who thinks that your personality is a special one. For now you can get this detail on a stuff with code N-GC505SP Deep Indigo Overdyed and N-GC708S Dark Grey Streaky.

Moreover, they also release a vintage jacket for you who had classic style. It is called the N-607S Vintage 1950’s Denim Jacket. So what are you waiting for? Improve your style and show the world about who you are!

‘Your Denim Your Personality’


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Twitter: @nobrandedon