In this summer of 2014, we’re launching two newest series which called hipolit & theron. Hipolit is a waist bag and theron is a backpack, both of these products have 2 different colors. These products are designed to help you to carry your needs or items everyday for your rutinity. Its also fit for your activities like studying at campus, biking and traveling.

There are two colors for this product as beauty as the wood and water (brown and navy). For this series, we combined two styles between sporty and casual. Mr. Pale always looking for new ideas, this product is an example of new trend that make waist bag that not only look sporty but also look casual. The materials that we used are very good and artistic, which contained cotton duck, brown taslan, and full grain leather with brogue pattern. There are so many pockets or slots that you can use in this bag. so, don’t worry to bring your items as many as you can. Rainy day? get wet? this product is supported by raincoat that will protect hipolit from dirt and liquid. So? What are you waiting for?

Simplicity is what make things great, and that is why we made this product. This theron series is a medium size backpack that will fit and awesome for everyone. This backpack is very special because its simple but complete. how could be? because it has many compartment as laptop’s slot, tablet’s pocket, and many functional slots that you could use. For the materials, this theron series made from genuine suede leather which made this product look strong and gorgeous. Moreover, we also used taslan to prevent the water to come inside the bag. Outskin is supported with raincoat that will make you impossible when rain season comes. There are two colors available for theron series, brown duck (cotton fabric) and raw denim deep indigo.

Enjoy you day with Mr. Pale!

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* It’s a press release from Mr. Pale
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