Jakarta Fashion Week is the biggest fashion show in Indonesia. Since 2008, the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) was held to demonstrate the talent and creativity of the fashion in Indonesia. This fashion week was also known as one of Asia’s largest fashion week.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 (JFW 2013) was held from November 3rd 2012 to November 12, 2012 at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Although it was held on 2012, but the fashion they showing at the event is the fashion and trends for 2013. JFW 2013 featuring more than 59 shows and hundreds of designers and models. JFW 2013 begin with an opening show titled “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow” at Fashion Tent, Plaza Senayan. In the opening the got a South Korean designer, Lie Sang Bong and Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan.


Jakarta fashion week 2013 theme is “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow”. This indicates the designers in JFW 2013 is ready to ‘Go International’. The designer perform the fashion with one special theme. It is about perform a fashion who represent the natural wealth of Indonesia.. They also develop a local fashion ready to modern clothing.

The euphoria of Jakarta fashion week 2013 seized the Indonesian fashion lovers eyes. not only because of the clothes from the models who were on the catwalk / runway but it is come from the audience / invitation / guest. They also wear some interesting fashion who really look great. The fashion atmosphere gone more wild when the glitz and glam grazia get to perform. It was really attract the curiosity of Plaza Senayan’s visitor.


Really bold things happen at the day two to the day four. Because of the heavy rain, some show who will organize at the “fashion tent”, had to be delayed. It was a sad story and a very big rock for this event, but it’s beyond our power as human beings. Nature do have more power than us. The fashion tents has to do the Reschedule. Its on november 10 to november 12. In fact, the incident didn’t discourage the fashion lovers to visit the Jakarta Fashion Week 2013.

IKAT Indonesia from Didiet Maulana closing the Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 event. Didiet inspiration is came from local dress, bodo. We think this is an amazing closing for the event, because of Didiet spectacular appearance. What an inspirative performance he gace. Thanks Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 for all of the inspiration. Keep creative.






Photographer : Tia Perbiansyah
Reporter : Nabila Fasza