Indonesian Indepent Clothing Association (IICA) is one organization that collects clothing distribution business in Indonesia. Organization that has offices in JL. Ciledug Raya No. 21C Kreo – South Jakarta, on April 9-11, 2010 dated ago organized a clothing exhibition in Bandung, West Java. This event brought a theme “IICA FEST 2010 NEVER GIVE UP MY FRIEND” which is one event that is made to greet the biggest event this year, two hundred years Bandung anniversary.


This exhibition is located in Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Jawa Barat precisely in the road Dipati Ukur Bandung. IICA in collaboration with “Sosro Fruit Tea” a soft drink company in Indonesia, also Lian MIPRO event organizer that often attend foreign bands for a concert in Indonesia. Actually there are many more who supported this event we can not mention one by one, including media outlets in Bandung which has supported this event.

The event that brought 150 booth, and most of them were the clothing booth that enough to interest a lot of attention surrounding teenagers in Bandung, so also with teenagers Jakarta, many came to this event. Bandung well-known as the center of clothing industry because of the industry pioneer Indonesia’s clothing and fashion mecca in Indonesia. Although the show this time that many present clothing Yogjakarta, but clothing industry from Bandung is still in great demand of visitors.

. IICA-the-sigit
In addition to presenting the show, the clothing exhibition was also featured the band, both foreign and domestic, whether they are indie or who already have a label, such as the SIGIT, skull, rosomeri the milo, QISHASH, FRIEND OF MIND, GOODBOY Badminton, AFTER Goma, disconnected, Locomotive, D LEGALS, Hello Morning, SEPATUARA, RIGHT 88, and others. In addition to these bands IICA FEST 2010 and also presented STONE BAY Monologue two bands from neighbor country Malaysia. “CALIBAN” was the most awaited band in this exhibition. In this expo was served a three stage, one for the band and two others were for acoustic performances.

In addition to clothing exhibitions and appearances of bands, the festival this time also held a “Skateboard Competition” and attracted enough skateboarders from Bandung and its surroundings.

IICA-skateboard-competition IICA-stand-distro
Because this event is supported by “Sosro Fruit Tea” a lot of them carrying the logo “Fruit Tea Buat Seru-Seruan” this event really suited for fun-appeal for teenagers. With only USD capital RP 5000.00 and Rp 10000.00 for Saturday and Sunday youth Bandung can enjoy various events of interest.

If you have not been able to come time IICA FEST 2010, then came off the Bandung Bandung still present because of other interesting events, especially celebration of “200 BANDUNG CITY BIRTHDAY.”