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HMGNC Will Release a Remix Album Featuring Electro Musicians

After successfully released a single ‘Today and Forever’ on last April 2015, this scifi-electropop band from Bandung, Homogenic (HMGNC) will come back and surprise their fans. Amandia Syachridar (vocalist), Dina Dellyana (Synth and Programming), and Grahadea Kusuf (Synth and Programming) will release a remix album from the previous single ‘Today and Forever’. This time, a remix single album ‘Today and Forever’ will also include other nine electro musicians from different various genres. The musicians will re-arrange song ‘Today and Forever’ to something ...
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ANONYMOUS 1st ALBUM ”TIMELINE” by Reach & Rich Records (2014)

Formed in 2008 at Bandung, Anonymous has released two singles between 2008-2012 -- “Dengarkan Mereka” and “Just You”. Their Indie singles got positive response, especially in Bandung and occupied music chart on indie category. Several schedules to perform in many events around Bandung, Jabodetabek until Yogjakarta has come; from junior high/high school bazaar, university events, clothing fest, local radio and TV to major brand events. Looking into their potentials, Reach & Rich Record (a record label created by Rocket Rockers band members) ...
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C.U.T.S – RRRADARRR (2014)

Artist : C.U.T.S Album : RRRADARRR Release : 2014 Label : FFWD Records Best Track : Teriak Gila Electro Clash Distortion “Teriak Gila” in RRRADARRR After long expectation, Caustic Ultraist Slice (CUTS) generated their debut album, RRRADARRR, production of FFWD Records. This album consist of 9 tracks and put the SUPER CUTS (CUTS fans) out of misery. Ykha (vocal), DIda (guitar) and Ami (drum) ignite memories of post-punk band such as The Kills. Especially with first single “Teriak Gila” released in beginning of 2013 and second ...
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Cold Sun – Debut Album by Zaggle Griff

Zaggle Griff (ZG) is a new rock band from Bandung bringing the true sounds of alternative rock. The personnel of Zaggle Griff : Garzibaldi on vocals/guitar, Dinaltri on guitar, Azhar playing bass, and Jordi hitting the drums. These four young men play rock music with influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Kings of Leon. Having been involved in a number of gigs in the local non-mainstream music scene, Zaggle Griff finally released ...
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New Single Wilhelmina Plain – MJ

Wilhelmina Plain is a Bandung based, acoustic band. Formed in January 2011 and been through several member changing process, they’ve came with solid member. Chandra Presetiyo (guitar and lead vocal), Zaim Qashmal (Guitar & Backing. Vocal), Maki Zaenudin (Guitar) and Aurin Aiza (Cajoon & Backing. Vocal). This band doesn’t use any specific type of genre they use. They let their fans and listeners decided what kind of music they have. Letting people call it based on what they’ve heard, they call ...
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For the second year, students of French Literature, Faculty of Culture Science Padjajaran University presents ARTICULATION 2013. This event is one of the French Literature Student Community and chose “COMIC” as the theme. Series of the sub-events are international seminar, “La Jouurnee D’art’, weekend dangdutan, and music event. As the first and opening event, international seminar happened in October 2013 with keynote speaker Mija Cartoon , Rahmat Hidayat. and representative of Institut Francais Indonesia. La Journee D’art take place a ...
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Report The S.I.G.I.T ‘Detournement Concert’ Bandung 2013

The rock n roll band from Bandung, The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent or what we usually known as The S.I.G.I.T, was held a solo concert. This solo concert which been themed 'detournement' was organized on October 26th, 2013 at the venue concert hall, el dorado Bandung. Since the afternoon, more than thousand insurgent army were gather in front of the concert hall. They started to get in from 18.15 pm and everyone finally gather inside the concert hall at ...
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Press Confrence The S.I.G.I.T ‘Detournement Concert’ Bandung 2013

Friday, oct 25th, 2013, the sigit organize a press conference which is held at blackspot cafe, Jln. Supratman no 54, Bandung. In that conference, Rekti Yoewono (the vocalist) said that preparation for detourn album are being concentrate on the perfection of music arrangement, and also for the lyrics who take social and politic as it theme which is being wrote with morale as it first front. The S.I.G.I.T Djarum Super Detournement Concert which is being promoted by 3 hundred will be ...
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New Ambient From Surabaya – The Evening Wolves

Surabaya music scene nowadays has one new baby for the arrival of a unique musician with ambient nuance. Anggra 'serigala', or what usually called Johny now becomes a leader of The Evening Wolves. The side project band from a guy who was a guitarist from Grindcore Surabaya's Band called 'Deskripsi Sebuah Mahasiswa' / DSM, now takes a whole new atmosphere with The Evening Volves. The Evening Wolves who has been existing since the beginning of 2013, bring us some non-mainstream music ...
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Review Album Morfem : Hey, Makan Tuh Gitar!

MORFEM’s album, titled “Hey, Makan Tuh Gitar!” that has released in March 2013, is being substantiation the existence from the resonant colors of music in 90’s era. The members consist of four persons, named Jimi Multhazam (Vocalist), Pandu Fuzztoni (Guitarist, Backing vocal), Freddie Alexander Waenerrin (Drummer, Backing vocal) and Yanu Fuadi (Bassist, Backing vocal). With their second album, they successfully revive 90’s era music which condensed by pop, rock, pun and other various genres of music. The first track is “180 ...
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The flower city, Bandung, nowaday have an unique band with electro clash genre called C.U.T.S. Band who consist with Yikha Amel and Itta in vocal, Deeda in guitar and Ami in drums will release their first album after waiting for a long time. They called this album, RRRHADHARRR! This band has an unique philosophy for their name. It started from Itta's idea who really love a rock band from vegas called 'deep cuts'. Then she just adopted it, and here comes ...
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Review Album The SIGIT – “Detourn”

'Detourn' album from The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent or what we usually known as The SIGIT is their second album, which is very different from their first album, visible idea of perfection (2006). The new formula they served here made their loyal audience get a lot of surprise. The FFWD as 'Detourn' album record label was also brought us some special package in this album. They make this piece so exclusive. The package of detourn deluxe album cd boxset ...
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Review Album Endah N Rhesa : ESCAPE

A couple, wife and husband, basist and guitarist, producer and vocalist. Not many of peoples could be able like them. They are current Indonesian musician couple who successfully make everybody so envy. They are composing and working on their own music together, performing together on stage and of course also living together. Well, here they are Endah Widiastuti and her husband Rhesa Adityarama. Both of them were starting everything together, from the lowest point for reaching a big success on ...
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Report Five Live Surawisesa SMAN 5 Bandung 2013

Almost all of senior high school in Bandung has one annual event for appreciate the music, or what we usually called some gigs/music event. The big event from them is some real proof for their existence in Bandung. This 'existence' thing is maybe one of the reason for how creative industry developt very easily in this city. We think that Five Live is one of them. It’s the annual event from SMAN 5 Bandung who always served us a quality ...
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Review Focal Point Roundup!

On 5 may 2013, The focal point took place in the Taman Ganesha. Why? Because the basic of this event's concept is for a park as a place for interaction between the local communities and student, especially from ITB. It is in chime with their tagline, 'Feel The Festivity and See The Magic Happens'. The event was very lively duting the day, there's a cooking class from Nanny's Pavillion and eating contest 'Man vs. Meat'. In addition, there are outbound ...
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