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Laporan Pameran Konspirasa DKV ITB 2016

Himpunan mahasiswa DKV ITB (IPPDIG) mengadakan pameran hasil karya DKV ITB pada tanggal 22 – 24 Januari 2016. Pameran ini bernama konspirasa. Pameran konspirasa DKV ITB 2016 diselenggarakan di Gedung Indonesia Menggugat (GIM), Bandung. Pameran konspirasa ini berusaha menghadirkan fenomena, isu, fakta, informasi, dan aspirasi yang terjadi pada masyarakat atas peran penting desain didalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Pada hari pertama, 22 Januari 2016, pameran konspirasa dibuka secara resmi pada pukul 19.00. Dibuka dengan sambutan dari beberapa pihak panitia dan dosen ITB. Pembukaan ...
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Nero Helia – 2nd Pre-Event F2WL 2016 SMA N 2 Bandung

Hello! If we had to talk about Bandung, it won’t be enough if we didn’t talk about the music and the art from the city. And it also still not enough if we didn’t touch about the art festival in Bandung. This kind of fest are the biggest reason of why music in Bandung are develop well. One of the best organizer are the Bandung’s senior high school. This is what we called the spirit of young energy. They always surprise ...
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Report Silent Siren Live in Jakarta 2015

Silent Siren Returns to Kick-Off All the Fans in Jakarta Few days ago, one of the girl bands from Japan has returned all over again to Jakarta for the first their live concert that was being held on September 19th, 2015 at Upper Room, Hotel Pullman. Last August, Silent Siren has succeed to rock their fans on Japan Festival at reputable University in Jakarta.
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Keuken #5 Bandung

Keuken back this year with their fifth food fest installment. Following the successor; first, second, third and forth installment; and also surprisestove event, this year it took place at Bandung City Square on Oct 19th 2014. Quoting their website,, “Keuken is a one-day food festival addressing the issues of city public spaces utilizations with wisdom of street inspired culture.” Combining not only tenants, but also with music performers, DJ, cooking demos by professional cooks and chefs and communities performance. ...
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The Changcuters Closed Charets Open 2014

This year Charets Open was held from 17th to 24th of May 2014. An annual sport and art competition for SMP/SMA students in West Java since 2011. On 24th of May 2014, Charets Open 2014 ended and officially closed by the Principle of SMA 2 Bandung. The Changcuters also perform in the closing ceremony. “Nine years ago we performed here as an audition. Now we got invited to perform here. SMAN 2 Bandung is a historical prove of our career as ...
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The First 2NE1 World Tour “All Or Nothing” in Indonesia

Finally! South Korean girl band that consists of four beautiful and sexy women are ready to rock Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS), Ancol, Jakarta with their World Tour “All Or Nothing” on Sunday, June 8, 2014. Beforehand, AON has been successfully held in two countries; South Korea and Hongkong. This is really the first concert that will be held in Indonesia for the K-pop girl group, 2NE1. The group members -- CL (Lee Chaerin/ leader), Minzy (Gong Minjji), Dara (Sandara Park) and ...
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Report Captwore – F2WL SMAN 2 Bandung 2014

Here they goes again. From 2 with Love 2014 are strike again with their extraordinary movement. Captwore is the name they took for this year f2wl. Some big name were served here such as Afgan, RAN, the sigit, Efek Rumah Kaca-Pandai Besi, and Payung Teduh. They start the event at 10 am. As usual this event are consist of bazaar and art performance. The bazaar was located in the front yard of sasana budaya ganesha (sabuga) arena. The art performance ...
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Bina Seni Vocal Concert – A Tribute to Kang Eri

That day was a wrap. Saturday, Dec 21th, 2013 was the day we remember once again this one little man, with a big dream. His work during his life period was made us realize, that life, is not all about yourself, life is to share, and learn together. He Talk to us with Art, he share with music, and he laugh a lot. Everyone likes him. Now it’s even me, or maybe you, who actually didn’t know him when he ...
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For the second year, students of French Literature, Faculty of Culture Science Padjajaran University presents ARTICULATION 2013. This event is one of the French Literature Student Community and chose “COMIC” as the theme. Series of the sub-events are international seminar, “La Jouurnee D’art’, weekend dangdutan, and music event. As the first and opening event, international seminar happened in October 2013 with keynote speaker Mija Cartoon , Rahmat Hidayat. and representative of Institut Francais Indonesia. La Journee D’art take place a ...
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Report Espose 2013

ESPOSE 2013 was coming back bringing different touching as their concept event. The music event presented by the Student of Economics and Development Studies Program Faculty, University of Padjadjaran (IESP FEB UNPAD). Held on 9th November 2013 at Sabuga, ESPOSE was featuring some of the best and top artists in the music industry. Different from the last two concepts which carried “Jazz Up Ethnic Philosophy” as its theme, then in 2012 with “Chain The Ethnicity Through Musicology”, for this year ...
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Report TechnoSphere FTIP-FAIR 2013

FTIP Fair 2013 which this time brought a theme “Act for the Earth” is the annual event that has entered its second year. FTIP Fair 2013 was also to celebrate the 8th anniversary of The Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology. According to theme, “Act for the Earth”, FTIP Fair consisted of three events, such as Technoliving, Technopreneur and Technosphere. On November 7th 2013 was the highlight of FTIP Fair 2013, titled Technosphere. Technosphere held at Lapangan PPBS, University of Padjadjaran, ...
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Report Etwist SMAK Yahya 2013

We can find almost all of high school and university in Bandung has it own music event. Usually, they held it once a year. And maybe this is why we can see how easy to develop an indie scene in Bandung. They served it all. The people, the society, the opportunity, nice. This is our story about an event which being organized by Bandung's high school student. It is the story from SMAK Yahya. This our first time here, event that ...
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Report The S.I.G.I.T ‘Detournement Concert’ Bandung 2013

The rock n roll band from Bandung, The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent or what we usually known as The S.I.G.I.T, was held a solo concert. This solo concert which been themed 'detournement' was organized on October 26th, 2013 at the venue concert hall, el dorado Bandung. Since the afternoon, more than thousand insurgent army were gather in front of the concert hall. They started to get in from 18.15 pm and everyone finally gather inside the concert hall at ...
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Blazture 2013 “Seize Back Our Culture”

Last Saturday, October 26th 2013, Statistic Day which well-known as Blazture was being held for several time at Lapangan PPBS, UNPAD, Jatinangor. Blazture 2013 is an annual music event by Statistics Students, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Padjadjaran. The event was getting hyped at night with Ten 2 Five, Gugun Blues Shelter and Ipang Lazuardi. Before that, there were some performances from Angklung KPA 3, Turn Off Silent, Tone Philosophi and Mojito. Mojito is a band from ...
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Report Agro-Technopreneurship Seminar FTIP Fair 2013

Last Friday (Oct,25th,2013) our beloved city has been visited by one of the most influential person in Indonesia, our BUMN minister, Mr. Dahlan Iskan. He's been invited by students association of  Agriculture Technology Faculty, University of Padjajaran (FTIP UNPAD) to be a speaker at Agro-Technopreneurship seminar. This seminar was held at Wahana Bakti Pos building, Bandung. We came at 10. The event was started at 9am and divide into two session. First session is for Mr. Dahlan Iskan alone. The discussion ...
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